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Dec. 30th, 2008 My first baby shower 32 weeks 5 days

My aunt Lisa threw my first baby shower for me. It was such a special evening as I saw many friends that I hadn't seen in quite awhile. It also brought to life the reality that yes, I will soon have a son in my arms that will use all this stuff people are giving me! People said that once I had a baby shower, it would become more real to me that I will actually have a son soon. They were right! It's almost unbelievable that I'll have a little one that fits all these small socks, hats and onsies.
Many of my friends from the Portland area were there. Most either have one or two small children. We had fun with all their babies! (you can see them all in the baby-line-up pic!). The other pics are of my Aunt Lisa (left) and aunt Carol (right), me with my gift assistant cousin Syd, and the soon to be proud grandma (my mom).

Dec. 27th, 2008 Christmas a little late... 32 weeks 2 days

Because Curtis and I both had to work on Christmas day, we celebrated a little later. The fun part was having my aunt carol and two cousins Syd and Addi come from Washington to spend the day with us as well. I had happened to run into some old friends before mom and dad came into town-a girl mom used to babysit when I was little and her mom. The last time I had seen them was 5 years ago at our wedding (to the's our 5th anniversary!). They actually live just down the road from Curtis and I and were able to stop by for a visit. It was great to see them. There's a pic of me, my sisters and Amy-the girl we spent many hours playing with while mom babysat. The other pics are of Curtis, I and our dog Rags and me, Syd and Addi. I am so blessed with the family and friends that I have! Can't wait for my son to meet them all.

Dec. 24th, 2008 How big is she? 31 weeks 6 days

My sister Mel and her husband Thomas came into town the 18th for Christmas. They came a couple days before mom and dad showed up and it was nice to spend time with just the two of them as they stayed at our house. I had seen my family at Thanksgiving but my belly has changed quite a bit over the last month. Mel had to get out the measuring tape to see just exactly how big I was. It was pretty hillarious, her trying to measure me. She'd make silly comments that would make me laugh and so she'd take in the measuring tape and tell me he was shrinking. You can see in the two pictures where my stomach looks a lot smaller while I was laughing at her. It was a great sister bonding moment. (o:

She then told me she had a great, unique idea for a picture. She proceeded to lay on the floor with the camera, her head underneath my belly. I was perplexed at what exactly she thought she was going to do. She pointed the camera upwards and took the picture you see...pretty funny I tho…

Dec. 20th, 2008 Does he hear me? 31 weeks 2 days

We got to see Curtis' cousin Kyle and his little girl Victory (she tells me she's 4 and 3/4 old-her birthday is Feb. 10th) today for breakfast at our house. She hadn't seen me pregnant yet and was very intrigued with the fact that I had a little baby "in there". I told her that we knew he was a little boy. She looked at me for a long time and said, "Does he know how to hear?" I told her that, as a matter of fact, he can hear voices and asked her if there was anything she wanted to say to him. She wanted to sing to him, and then immediately started serenading him with "Twinkle, twinkle little star". When she was done she said, "Can he see me too?" I told her not quite yet; that she had to wait until he was born. She said "Then can I hold him when he's born so that he can see me?!" She's quite cute.
I'll post three pictures. The first is of Victory with her daddy Kyle. The second is a picture of family around our d…

Dec. 18th, 2008 Every 2 weeks... 31 weeks

I had a doctor's appointment today. The fun thing was that Mel was in town and got to come with me. It's crazy how time flies but my appointments are every 2 weeks now instead of ever four. Sooner than I know it they'll be every week and time! Not that I'm really looking forward to laboring, but I'm just so excited to finally see him.

They gave me my rhogam shot this appointment. My blood type is O negative. Just in case the baby's blood turns out to be a positive blood type, the rhogam prevents any complications in having future children after my blood and my baby's blood mix during this baby's birth.

His kicks continue to grow stronger and stronger. The other day I don't think he rested for a couple days! I woke up during the middle of the night...he was still moving. It reassures me that he's alive and well in there (o:

I also learned that I may have been experiencing the Braxton Hicks contractions without even knowing it. My mid…

Nov. 25th 2008, The ones I love... 27 weeks 5 days

I am thoroughly enjoying the time we have to spend here with the family for Thanksgiving. My mom and dad were excited (to say the least) to get to see their growing grandson (or should I growing belly). It always gives me such a happy feeling inside to see all of us together, my mom and dad, sisters and brothers.

I was also very excited to get to see an old dear friend from high school. Brandy and I grew up in high school together and spend many hours together both in and out of school, going to youth group together and creating many childhood memories. She and her husband Adam live in San Diego and we were able to all meet up with them last night for dinner in Old Town. What a great time...laughing till our sides hurt and just enjoying each other's company. It was so good to see her and to meet Adam. I love you Brandy and am so glad things are going well with you!

**I'm having troubles uploading pictures with this post...we'll see if I can get my computer to cooper…

Nov. 22nd, 2008 Not telling his name 27 weeks 2 days

We are on the road headed down to CA to visit mom, dad and the rest of the family for Thanksgiving. Tauna was able to catch a ride down with Curtis and I and I've been enjoying the time spent with her. She was a little upset (jokingly of course) when we told her we weren't telling people the name we had chosen for our son. "Not even your sister!?"...She tried to convince us she should know. Curtis kept joking around when he would talk about him by calling him all kinds of funny names like Shadrach, Jaquim, Alberto, Juan...names that didn't quite fit what we might even possibly name our child. So, when Curtis called him "James" Tauna stopped dead in her tracks, looked at me and said "He slipped! That's his name 'James'!" She was convinced that Curtis slipped his name since it was the only one that half way sounded like one we would actually choose. So for now, she calls him "James Wesley" (Wesley she picked up fro…

Nov. 19th, 2008 As the belly grows 26 weeks 6 days

It's been awhile since I've posted anything new. Thought I'd post a few more belly pictures-I've had some requests (o: I feel more and more pregnant each week. Over the last 2 weeks I've grown an inch. People keep telling me to just wait; that my belly will seem like it's growing inches over night as I near the end. I still can hardly believe I'll be 27 weeks tomorrow (where has the time gone!). I'm waiting to see what the belly-button does. I've always had an "outie" and I've had some people tell me "Just wait Melissa, it'll pop out there like a turkey timer when it has nowhere to go!" We'll see what happens...

Nov. 4, 2008 So thankful... 24 weeks 5 days

On a momentous day as this...the election day that will make U.S. history, I can't help but reflect on how thankful I am to live in this beautiful country. I truly do have so much to be thankful for; so many blessings that God has given me.

Oh how thankful I am for the gift of this healthy baby boy growing inside of me. The Lord continues to bless me with a reassuring pregnancy and I am glad he has given me the opportunity to hold and nourish a child. I continue to pray for His protection on my boy's life as I carry him to term.

I am thankful for the blessing of my wonderful husband. If he's nearly as good a father as he is a husband, my child is already one lucky kid. I couldn't ask for more.

I am thankful for all the friends and family I have to share life with. Without them I would not be who I am.

Thank you Lord for the freedom I have to praise you and to pray to you. Be with who our country chooses for our next leader. Provide the strength and wisdom required of them …

Oct. 30th, 2008 Excited cousins... 24 weeks

It's hard to believe I'm already 24 weeks...the time passes so quickly. I had a great time hanging out this week with my mother-in-law, sister-in-law and three nephews while all of our husbands were on their annual elk hunt. We make it our annual "girlie" get together when the boys are gone. It's always so much fun.

The minute I saw my nephews Cade was interested in saying hello to his future cousin. He lifted my shift up, pointed at my bellybutton and said "Me see your baby!" Way too cute. Mom had to eventually remind all the boys that the belly they wanted to see was Aunt Melissa's belly and that they needed to ask permission before lifting my shirt up (o: Cade thinks my belly button is one of the baby's toes.

Sister-in-law Lori was also excited to feel him move. Of course, he'd quite down and hide away whenever she'd try and lay her hands on him. I told her soon he'll be big enough he won't have the room to hide from her. She di…

Oct. 25th 2008 Going to work...23 weeks 2 days

I decided it was time for another belly shot. This time I was heading to work in my scrubs as Curtis took a picture. We were trying to catch "Rags" doing what he likes to do-pointing his nose up towards my belly and just resting it there as he waits for me to pet him. He a little interested in his brother playing ball right next to him so the picture only kind of catches his cuteness. So far all my scrub tops still fit...there's just a few that are a bit on the tight side (o:

Oct. 21st, 2008 Pumpkin Carving... 22 weeks 5 days

Curtis and I are leading a Life Group through our church on Tuesday nights. It's the groups tradition to have everyone bring a pumpkin to carve as well as a treat to share....Lots of treats and lots of pumpkins were to be had! Although Curtis and I didn't go out a buy a large pumpkin I brought a few small ones from our garden. I enjoyed helping everyone else empty their "pumpkin guts" and seeds while Curtis decided to use his dremel tool on one of our small ones. I had no idea he was carving one...a special little pumpkin that would say "Boy". His original idea was to have 2 pumpkins stacked on top of each other, one saying "Boy" and the other "Gant". Unfortunately the dremel tool didn't work out as well as he would have liked. I'm attaching a picture of our entire group-I'm on the right holding our little pumpkin (although I should be holding my belly which feels like a little pumpkin right now!) (o:

Oct. 17th, 2008 "I felt you Daddy!..." 22 weeks 1 day

I'm sure if our little guy could speak he would have been excited to feel Dad's hand instead of Mom's. I lay my hands on my belly and feel his little jabs quite often but I'm also feeling them from the inside too. He's finally getting to the point where he's kicking hard enough for Dad to feel him. Last night I was tired and only felt like sleeping but he was more active than ever (probably the Jalepeno bread I had for dinner!). Curtis put his hand on my tummy and felt him for the first time. Definitely an exciting moment for me.

I'm still trying to get our ultrasound dvd posted for all of you to see. My computer illiteracy isn't helping much...keep posted.

Oct. 14th, 2008 What to name him? 21 weeks 5 days

I wanted to share an email I got from sister in law Lori. Her three boys were having fun thinking of names for their nephew. I got a kick out of it and figured you would too...I've got some awful cute nephews!

Zane suggested (1) Leroy, and then (2)Hunter. He later added (3)Cole Gant.

Luke suggested (1) Dion, and then agreed with Zane on (2) Hunter. (They don't care the name has already been used by a cousin.) Luke also likes (3) I Love You Gant.

Cade likes (1) Cole. (He said, "Cole. Like me." Evidently he forgot his middle name is Roy, not Cole.)Then he changed it to (2) Jumper (the only catch with this name is Cade said it is for the dog that Melissa has in her tummy.)His last pick was (3)Goal. (When I read this back to the boys, Cade changed it to "Goal Tink Gant". He doesn't even know we have a Tink(er) in the family.) Cade changes quickly, now he says, "Goat Gant." And also recommended, "Coat Boat Gant". (I thin…

Oct. 13th, 2008 21 weeks 4 days

This little guy is active! I can feel him moving more now. Unfortunately his dad hasn't been able to yet but I know that day isn't too far away. I wanted to share the dvd we received from Diagnostic Imaging of our ultrasound. With my limited computer skills I haven't been able to figure out how to attach it yet. I'm hoping I can find someone that can show me how. I really wanted to share it with you especially, Mom and Dad. The only other ultrasound I had was at week 7 to confirm that I was actually pregnant. I go from seeing a little blob on the screen they labeled a baby to my 20 week ultrasound where every small body system was intact and a little boy was dodging the ultrasound tech's attempts at getting good pictures of him. And people say there isn't a God...I witnessed a miracle in my eyes. **Keep watching-hopefully I'll have the video up soon.

Oct. 6th, 2008 We're having a... 20 weeks 5 days

...BOY!!!!! We were very pleased to see a very healthy little baby on the monitor. He clearly let us see that he was a boy despite the fact that he's facing breech right now. All systems intact, his hands have fingers and his feet have toes, and his little heart was beating about 136bpm. He weighs in at approx 14 ounces so he's already almost hit a 1 pound (they said he measured a little bigger than what was expected for my due date). He was moving around quite a bit and kept putting his hands in front of his face while we were trying to get pictures. Curtis said "This little guy doesn't know he's got the wrong family; we're all mellow." We are so thankful that everything measures out fine and that things are progressing well. We get to go in for our 3-D ultrasound Nov. 21st.

Happy Birthday Mel (her birthday is today!), you're gonna be Auntie to a nephew!

Oct. 3, 2009 Thumper?... 20 weeks

Just this morning (the baby seems to be really active then) I noticed that feeling the baby has felt a little different lately. Before it felt like small bubbles popping inside of me. Now it's more like small "thumps". The baby's getting bigger & stronger...and Mommy's getting better at recognizing what she feels! Fun!!

Sept. 27, 2008 Visiting Sista Tune 19 weeks 2 days

I had fun recently taking a trip to Portland to visit friends while Curtis helped a friend roof his house. I had fun getting to visit Tauna in her new apartment. She lived with Curtis and I for a school year and then enjoyed dorm living at Cascade College up until this year when she moved in with a couple friends to an apartment. We had some fun with her new Mac computer and all the photo options she now has to play with. We got some good laughs and included some of them below for you to see. I alwaysenjoy my time with her. It makes me wish I lived closer to the rest of our family. Me and Tune agreed that we both miss them very much. I'm hanging on to the hope that Curtis and I can make it down south for Thanksgiving.

Sept. 26, 2008 Rags and Max... 19 weeks 1 day

Most of you know our 2 most companions, Rags & Max. They are Border Collie's Curtis and I got from the Estacada Border Collie Rescue and the Clackamas County Dog Shelter. They have turned out to be great additions to our family. We've had them both for almost a year now and as they've attached to us, we too have attached to them. They keep me great company (and protection) while I'm home alone at night when Curtis is at work. (You'll also see our kitten in one of the pictures who has grown to love the dogs too). I'm not too sure what they'll do when we add a baby to the family. They've proven to be quite "protectors" so it will be interesting to see how they react to a little one. Rags is our affectionate, lovable dog, always wanting a pet while Max seems to always know (at any time) where the ball, frisbee or anything else that can be thrown is. They've both done well around any kids we've had over-kids of all ages. If t…

Sept. 25, 2008 Visiting the Gants 19 weeks

Curtis and I decided to spend some time in Eugene with a part of our family we love dearly: Brother-in-law Cory, Sister-in-law Lori, and nephews Zane (6), Luke (5 in a couple weeks!) & Cade (3). We always have a blast spending time with them. Curtis enjoys time with his brother, helping with projects and I enjoy time with Lori just chatting, catching up on life. Of course we both LOVE the time with the boys. They grow up way too fast.

Our camera bit the dust so Lori had fun snapping a few pictures with her camera. She emailed them to me so that I could share them with you....

I was sitting on the couch and Cade comes up to me, lifts up my shirt so that he could see my belly button, pokes it and says "There's the baby!" He must have done it at least five times. He's too cute.

Then, after dinner when we all had full belly's Luke had to see who's belly was the biggest. Each of the boys lifted their shirts to compare their belly's with mine. We were…

Sept. 24, 2008 Popping bubbles? 18 weeks 6 days

I just laid in bed this morning not wanting to get up. I felt small bubbles popping. It wasn't my stomach and I could differentiate between them and my heartbeat....I couldn't believe it...I was feeling my baby! I just laid there for awhile carefully feeling it move. So much excitement.

Sept. 23, 2008 Am I dreaming...? 18 weeks 5 days

While I was sleeping yesterday after getting off work that morning, I kept dreaming about this baby. I never remember my dreams, that's why it stood out to me so much. I would wake up excited inside; wanting to go back to sleep so I could dream again.

I remember the first one...I had delivered the baby in the shower. It wasn't painful at all. I scooped up the baby and the first thing I did was spread it's legs. It was a boy. Curtis walked in shortly after and was totally upset because he had missed it all-the birth of his first son. I told him "Don't worry Sweetie, just enjoy him right now. He's here to meet you.!" He was still totally bummed until he got to hold the baby boy in his arms. I woke up feeling like I really had just had my baby-my heart was so excited. I just laid there.

Then I dreamed that Curtis would always be thinking about how I and the baby were doing while he was outside working on projects. He would come inside all the time …

Sept. 15, 2008 An early morning post 17 weeks 4 days

I'm at work and it's currently 2:40am. The night's gone by fairly quickly which is always nice. It's hard to keep awake when all the patients are sleeping and the ER is slow.

This baby is crowding me out more and more each day! I know I don't even know what being big is yet. I just feel like I grow an inch everyday. I kinda wish I would have taken measurements of my wasit prior to getting pregnant and then throughout the pregnancy. I need to have Curtis take some pictures-It'd be nice to be able to post them so mom and dad can see my belly grow.

I told Auntie Lori that I'm sure 'd eventually want the baby to stop kicking once I started feeling it in the ribs. She said no, she never got sick of feeling her boys move...just didn't enjoy the times the baby decided they needed to kick really hard in the direction of her heart (o:

Sept. 11, 2008 Starting to show... 17 weeks

Curtis was gone at work and I had kept telling myself days before that I needed to start taking belly pictures since I've really felt like I've been showing these last couple days. I set up the camera myself and snapped quite a few until I found one I liked (that I hadn't cut my head off in!). The pictures are taken in the room I'll eventually use for all the baby "stuff". I'm going to keep it as our guest bedroom and just designate 1/2 of it as space for the baby. Right now I have the cradle I found on Craigslist in the bedroom. I fell in love with it after seeing the ad online. It will go in our bedroom in order to have the baby close during the night. It's all wood and I just thought it fit our home perfectly. You can kind of see it in the picture...that's what I get for trying to take the pictures myself (o:

August 28, 2008 Dad's first appointment! 15 weeks

Today was the first appointment Dad got to go to! He originally thought we were going to find out who you were-a boy or girl (o: That's now scheduled for Mel's birthday, Oct. 6th. Seems like such a long time off when you're looking forward to it, but I know the time will pass quickly (as the first couple months have!).

We got to hear your heartbeat again-sounded strong and healthy. This time Christine (my midwife) barely had to find you once she put the gel on my belly. Definitely not hiding this time! I just hope there's the same amount of cooperation when we try to find out what you are (o: They also checked my Hgb since I had felt dizzy recently. The level was even better than the previous blood draw! It's good to know things are going well. Since I can't feel you yet, the appointments bring suh reassurance that you're alive and well. Thank you God that there hasn't been any scare of miscarriage. I know that this child is Yours and You can…

August 25, 2008 Feeling you move...? 14 weeks 4 days

I think I felt you move today baby! It actually kind of scared me. I was sitting at the computer and all of a sudden I felt this really odd sensation in my pelvic area. I only felt it once but it gave me chills. It was unlike anything I've ever felt before...Was it you? Since I've never felt a baby move inside of me, I really don't know what it should feel like. I've never had gas that's felt like that before...(o:

August 3, 2008 Fearfully and Wonderfully made 11 weeks 3 days

I've finally started feeling the "I can't suck it in anymore" pooch that's starting to make being pregnant more real. I think it's the waistline that's starting to spread out more than anything. The jeans just don't fit right anymore and are definitely uncomfortable. Now I can't wait until I can feel this baby!

God, feeling the baby move has to be so amazing. Thank you for allowing me to be the temple of Your growing child. Already, it's been an amazing journey. I can hardly believe how You form such a tiny being inside of me. The intracacies of something so tiny coming together perfectly...How can anyone not beleive in Your creation. You are an amazing God.

I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Your works are wonderful, I know that full well. My frame was not hidden from you when I was made in the secret place. When I was woven together in the depths of the earth, your eyes saw my unformed body. All the days ordained for…

July 28, 2008 Prayer for my child 10 weeks 4 days

God, I pray for my child this morning. There are many times I wish I just had a doppler here at home so that I could hear the heartbeat myself. I love hearing that sound of life inside of me. It makes me smile inside.

God, I know You already have decided whether we're to have a girl or a boy. It excites me to think You decided a long time ago what would be best for our family. You know how deep down inside I've always wanted a boy, but I know my heart is content with whatever You've chosen for us. Whatever it is, may prayer is that it is strong and healthy. May I be making the right decisions as a mommy to nurture and grow my baby well. Remind me Lord that each and every day counts towards the life of my child.

July 22, 2008 A new Midwife... 9 weeks 5 days

Going on 10 weeks now and the past couple of days haven't been too bad as far as the nausea is concerned. I had my first appointment with my new midwife Christine Weinmeister here in Silverton. There's a couple midwives in the office that I'll see depending on who's on call to deliver at the hospital. The office is right across the street from the hospital which is convenient.

We went through my family history and then she did a physical exam. She could feel my uterus and decided to try finding the baby's heartbeat with the doppler (I was so used to finding patient's pulses with a doppler at work...I never expected it to be used to find my baby's heartbeat!). She told me not to be alarmed if she couldn't find it as it was usually hard until about week 12. Too late, I already had my hopes up (o: It took her awhile, but we both heard my baby's strong heartbeat! Of course, dad wasn't there again and if I would've known I was going to get…

July 7, 2008 Excited Auntie Lori 7 weeks 4 days

Lori left a message on my phone saying she had just received our card in the mail. She was so excited she said she was jumping up and down! Of course, the boys were pretty excited too to find out what mom was jumping up and down for (o: They've been praying for this baby for quite some time. Zane started call it his name because the baby's due date is around his birthday. It will be so fun to share our little one with them.

July 5, 2008 Telling Grandpa & Grandma 7 weeks 2 days

Today we told Grandma Marsha and Grandpa Bruce. They weren't aware that we were going to just show up at their house, but we did. I had done up a card with a copy of the first ultrasound picture. It was funny because when Marsha first opened the card, she didn't have her glasses on. When she put them on her whole face lit up as she handed the card to Bruce for him to read. It was a lot of fun to see their reactions. They were headed to the St. Paul Rodeo so it was a short visit.

Cory & Lori and Terry & Loretta should be receiving their cards in the mail soon (o:

July 3, 2008 My First Appointment... ?? weeks

Baby, today made all the nausea worth it. I got to see your tiny body and hear your little heartbeat on an ultrasound. I cried. There aren't words to express how I felt when I could actually see that it was were growing inside of me. And the fact that I could actually hear your heart beating?! What a miracle. I called and told your dad all about it since he was at work. I wish he could have been there. I know he did too when I told him I actually got to hear your heart beating. Your measurements put you due around February 18th. My original due date was February 10th, Zane's birthday!

I already can't wait to see you. I pray that both of our body's remain strong and healthy. You've proved to me already that you know when you want food (o: I love being the one God is using to sustain you; the temple He's using to house you for 9 months. What an incredible opportunity.

I went over to Pete & Beth's house to tell them the good news sin…

July 1, 2008 The nausea saga

The nausea saga continues. It's really bad in the morning and then slowly (very slowly!) tapers off by the evening. I'm just so thankful I'm not peuking (even though I feel like I could all the time)! It's been nice to not have to worry about that, especially while taking care of patients at work. There have been a couple times I've taken care of the real sick ones, peuking all over the place. It's only by the strength of God that I haven't joined in with them (because I've surely felt like it) (o:

Keep me strong and healthy Lord. I'm hoping that after the first trimester, I'll have a bit more energy to be more active. Right now all I feel like doing is taking a nap all the time. May I listen to my body's signals and provide it adequate rest as it grows this little one inside of me; a thought that is so amazing to me. God, You truly are an amazing God.

June 28, 2008 Finding out...

Happy Birthday Daddy!
Mom called multiple times before she left for camp. I hate to say I ignored her calls a couple times because I knew she'd ask me about being pregnant. I didn't want the card I was going to send to show up while she was at camp so I went ahead and called her back (I had copied our first ultrasound pic and included it in a baby card to them). Mom had suspected while we were in CA for Mel's wedding that since I was feeling nauseous, that I was pregnant. I told her it was nearly impossible considering the course of the last Clomid treatment I had had. Of course, she asked if I actually was pregnant and I couldn't say no. She practically squealed over the phone. She's going to be a Grandma! I told her she had to keep it quiet until I gave them the official okay. I'm really excited to tell Mel, Tune, Maurice & Chris that they're going to be aunts and uncles! And then to call Grandma Carmelita and tell her that she's going t…

June 23, 2008 The gift of a miracle...

I decided to start a blog that I can use to keep those both far and near in touch with our baby's growth and all events leading up to delivery...
Today is a day I will never forget. After so many previous months failed pregnancy tests, today the result was finally positive...I am pregnant! I honestly can't believe it. All of my labs during the last months of Clomid don't correlate with pregnancy. God, you truly have handed me a miracle. I was to call Regis McDonald when we returned from my sister's wedding in CA to set up an appointment with a fertility specialist. I wasn't looking forward to what lied ahead, but I was finally content that God knew what was best for Curtis and I and that He had a plan. I called Regis right away to tell her the big news! She too was at a loss of words. My being pregnant was unexplainable she said. I told her, "My God is unexplainable!" She figured me to be around 7 weeks and made my appointment for week 8.
I can't even e…