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If you've ever wondered where you should store the super glue in your household, might I suggest under lock and key... I was getting the boys ready for their showers (which means shucking them completely naked) and of course, like usual, they take the opportunity to run around the house naked while laughing and doing everything but what they're supposed to be doing-getting in the shower.  Somehow Calvin made it into the office and I hadn't noticed that something was wrong until he came running towards me with the left side of his lip drooped down. Let me remind you that I'm a nurse.  My immediate thought-he's had a stroke!?!?!?!?!  So, of course, I start freaking out a bit at this point.  Okay, now you at least understand the context of the situation. After a brief moment, I then realize that not only is his lip drooping but every one of his fingers is stuck to one another...Then it clicks:  he found the super glue.  Ahhh!  WHAT TO DO!?! More context:  Calvi

Annual Lost Lake Camping Trip

We LOVE the Brown family (o; And whenever we think of them, it often involves memories that were created at our annual camping trip to Lost Lake the first weekend in August (yes, this means camping two weekends in a row between the Powers trip and this one!...Why not cram all our camping for the summer together?!). It's always a weekend we look forward to. Confirmed: Calvin's pretty fond of camping. And William's pretty fond of getting to ride his bike with the big kids (o;  (thanks Jacob, Ethan and Lauren for taking him on multiple bike rides!) William took his try at the sling shot with some rocks into the Lake Calvin took his try at tumbling down a small drop off at our campsite...complete with a souvenir to take home (and thankfully not needing stitches). William was the only one (not joking) to catch a fish...Thank you Sean and Ethan for going out with him! And here he is with his medallion fish.  Of course, it's worth noting here that once t