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July 19th, 2010 Playtime with Linus!

My friend Charissa was heading up North from Eugene to visit friends/family for the week. We are SO glad she decided to make our house one of her stops! I absolutely loved seeing William and Linus play together. And it was just so much fun getting to spend extended time with a great friend. I so often forget when William was only 6 months old...Seems like forever ago he's changed so much! Thanks Charissa for the great visit! Know that you're welcome anytime.

Linus and William gettin' to know each other (o:

"Mom, do I have to share my stroller?" William slowly recognized that Linus was crowding his space...Linus on the other hand was just lovin' it!

Since we don't currently have a bathtub, William still takes a bath in the sink sometimes. This time Linus got to join him on the other side (o:

Look at how cute he is!

June 30th, 2010 Water Fun!!

I think, if William could make a list of the things he REALLY enjoys, I think WATER would be at the top of the list! He loves splashing in it, pouring it, kicking it, laying in it, drinking it...I don't think there's anything he doesn't like doing in it! Here are some fun photos I've taken over this past month (in the few moments of sunshine we've gotten this June!).

Playing in the water at the park!

He had just gotten done getting incredibly dirty in a bucket of ashes from our fireplace. I decided the best way to wash him off was to entertain him with a trickle from one of our faucets (which worked fabulously by the way!). I had to pull him away because he was cold, and he did NOT want to leave that water!

Playin' in Grandma's pool.