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Under His Wing...

You never expect it to happen...neither do you necessarily plan for it. It all started around 4 in the morning this past Sunday (of which happened to be Easter). For some reason, I woke up.  I never usually wake up in the middle of the night.  I heard this, what sounded like rubbing on the side of our house right outside our window.  It was so faint that I wasn't sure what I was hearing.  "Was it a mouse in the wall?  Maybe an animal outside?".  Shortly after, I heard a click.  I noticed our alarm clock wasn't projected on the ceiling anymore and realized the power had gone out.  My initial thoughts, "It's not stormy outside?"  "Maybe there was a car accident and the power lines went down?"  Weird thing was, I didn't hear a thing outside.  I felt unsettled about the whole thing but just kept justifying things in my head.  "Just go back to sleep Melissa," I kept telling myself, "I'm sure it's nothing." It was

The Wooden Shoe

There are advantages to living so close to the Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival.  If it's not raining, we'll often take a walk through the filbert orchard so that we can see the tulips.  It's fun watching them slowly open up over the many walks we take.  I'd like to get better at taking a picture of the boys through the years with the tulips as the background.  Of course, it's always a little hard to get them to cooperate, but they're cute none the less (o; And here's a pic of the boys and their buddy Gavin picking some daffodils for his Mama (Emily).  If you've never seen the rows of daffodils outside our fence line, it's quite stunning come early spring.  They're getting a bit crowded over the past few years, so if you're in need of some daffodil bulbs don't hesitate to ask!