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July 16th-19th Grandpa and Grandma here for a visit

Mom and Dad came up for the weekend for a friend's wedding. My dad was asked to pray over the couple. We enjoyed a couple days of visiting while they were here. You can see William enjoying the farmer's almanac with his grandpa...It looks like he and Grandpa are seriously deciding what crop to plant next. Now all he needs is a tractor. Grandpa decided to put William in his swing...just to see how he'd like it. Looks like they were both tired and fell asleep. The video my mom took while William was lying on the floor. We'll call it his first conversation with Grandma Kim.

July 18th, Pickin' Blueberries

I think William enjoyed the blueberry leaves more than he did the blueberries. I've been letting him taste different foods. While my family was here for a wedding, we went blueberry picking. Aunt Tauna wore William in the front pack while she picked the berries and William...helped (o: He had blueberrie all over his face, the pack, and somehow got some clear in his armpits. He enjoyed grabbing the branches of the plants in front of him and chewing on the leaves. Tauna would try pulling the branches away and he'd get upset and start crying. It was pretty hillarious to watch.

July 12th, 2009 A trip to see Great Grandpa Wayne

We loaded up the car and headed down to Myrtle Point to see Curtis' Grandpa Wayne. This was the first time Wayne got to see William. Curtis' dad and step mom traveled down there with us. It was very neat to see Wayne's reaction when he first saw William. The pictures that were taken of all the boys include Curtis, Curtis' dad Terry, Curtis' Grandpa Wayne and William. When I took these pictures Wayne teared up...We only wish Grandma Beryl was still with us so that I would Wbeen able to meet her and share William with her as well(she died 10 years ago). Wayne will be celebrating his 89th birthday on the 15th. When telling him happy birthday he commented "Oh, I don't like to think about it. Just don't you get this old!" He's got quite a sense of humor.

We spent a night in Florence and were planning on hiking with William along the coast...The rain ruined that one (o: Instead we walked around Waldsport and went to one of our favorite flea …

July 9th, 2009 Rolling over...?

On our way down to see Great Grandpa Wayne, we stopped and stayed the night at Cory and Lori's house in Eugene. It's always nice to see them and spend time with them. Those nephews of mine just make me smile! William rolled over for the first (official) time at their house! He's made certain attempts, but hasn't ever done it all on his own. The pictures I took of him on his stomach were taken a few days before when he was grunting and groaning, seriously attempting to roll over. The last few are of William with his cousins. Aunt Lori was showing them how to tickle William and Cade wanted William to give him a hug.

June 7th, 2009 5 monthls old!

I can hardly believe William's already 5 months old. The time has flown like everyone said it would. What a fun little guy William is becoming. He's so close to rolling over and his giggle is quite contagious. I took these pictures today...If only there was sound to go with them, you could have heard his adorable laugh (o:

July 4th, 2009 Happy Birthday USA!

It was a long day full of fun, family and friends. Fortunately I was put on call the night before and was able to enjoy the festivities without being so tired from work! We enjoyed the Molalla parade sitting in the yard of Grandma Marsha's in the morning, a BBQ in Grandma's backyard with all the aunts, uncles and cousins, and some time just relaxing in the sun until evening. What great weather we had! William enjoyed the parade from Grandma's lap (sitting next to cousin Kennedy) and sharing some laughs with Uncle Cory and Aunt Lori. I enjoyed getting William in the pool for the first time while Daddy videoed. He didn't seem to mind the water after the inital shock (o: