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His craftiness...

It never ceases to amaze me at just how crafty William is.  He's definitely gifted with the ability to build, create and re-create things he either imagines or sees and imitates.  Whether it be with his legos, megablocks, crayons, paint, markers or paper, he's constantly creating something.  And he loves doing it.  The end of our dining room table has become his permanent crafting area (o;  He's always got his markers out coloring something.  And it's pretty neat to see what his little mind can come up with. He built this in Escondido at the San Diego Childrens Museum-complete with a window to look out of. All on his own, no help. This too was at the museum...It wasn't long after that it toppled (o; He worked on getting it this high for quite some time! He's always making some kind of monster or skyscraper with the megablocks. Love for legos seems like an understatement... His love for coloring amazes me... He's fond of the fi

Yudi + Tauna= USA + Brazil + Japan

We arrived in CA just one day before the reception was to happen.  There were lots of people and lots to do.  My sister is one well loved woman.  Her ventures in Japan have resulted in friendships from all over the world; and friends that love her so much that they would travel long distances to share in her special day. L to R: Yudi's brother Akira (who also lives in Japan), Sean (Canada), Lou (Ireland), Emily (Ohio), Ashlyn (Canada), Tauna, Lili (Maryland), Yudi It was such a beautiful day.  It was fun having a lot of California family get to be on on the festivities with Tauna and Yudi.  We took advantage of the opportunity and got some family pictures in (professional ones were taken that I just don't have copies of yet...these are ones we snuck with our camera). Mr and Mrs Sasaoka with all the littles (Ziara (10mo), William (6), Calvin (3), Kaycee (2) & Kyleigh(4)) Sisters forever...We're like a red velvet cake with cream in the middle (o; All the

Happy 6th Birthday William!

William has been incredibly lucky over his lifetime to get to celebrate many of his birthdays while on family vacation with his cousins.  This year was no exception.  We headed back to Eagle Crest for our annual family get away with Grandma Marsha, Uncle Cory, Aunt Lori, Zane, Luke and Cade.  We are so very thankful for the blessing of Grandma's time share points that allow us the opportunity to get away together.  We always have such a great time. All on his own, William told me that he was going to dress up like a cowboy for his birthday this year.  I usually ask if there is any particular theme he wants, but he beat me to it this year with the suggestion of chaps and his cowboy vest (complete with his Daddy's real sheriff badge that was worn in his Deputy Sheriff days).   Here he is in all his glory (o; Prior to leaving on our trip (in fact, the night before none the less), he also came up with the idea on his own that he wanted to make party hats for his party.  Anot