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Nov. 24th, 2011 Happy Thanksgiving

Us and our two little "turkeys" (o: (Crazy to think that Calvin's due date technically wasn't until today...)

Nov. 15th, 2011 Comparing...

When I was pregnant with William, there were so many times I'd wonder whether little Calvin was going to look like William did when he was born. Even though the pictures weren't taken at exactly the same age, here's one of my favorites...Calvin, proving to be the "bigger little brother"...We'll see how it pans out as they both grow. WILLIAM: 2/10/2009 3 days old CALVIN: 11/15/2011 1 week old *Even though he is a bit older in this picture, he definitely fills out the onsie a bit more! WILLIAM... CALVIN...

Nov. 9th, 2011 First time brotherly love...

What a blessed 30th birthday this is for me. I get to share it with all three of my boys together...Curtis, William AND Calvin. We held off on William meeting Calvin the day he was born due to a puking episode William decided to have at Grandma's house after we made it to the hospital in labor...Turns out, it was likely just his nerves, but we had to be cautious. He was running around like his normal self later that day and so he got to come meet his new baby brother along with the rest of his cousins. He wasn't too sure at first. The video we took is a little long to upload to blogger, but he clung to Curtis as he approached me and Calvin for the first time. He didn't say much and just kept asking Curtis to hold him (of which he was). Then Calvin started crying and William clung to Curtis even tighter. We got some family pics sitting on the hospital bed and I had Dad take Calvin while I held William...You can see how he's still unsure of the whole thing. He ne

Nov. 8th, 2011 HAPPY BIRTHDAY Calvin Markis!

Read at your own risk...Full labor story ahead... At 3:30am, the exact time I woke up when my water broke before delivering William, I woke up with contractions that wouldn't go away with any position changes. I decided that I wasn't going to be able to lay there any longer and try to sleep so I got up and took a shower. William, hearing the water of the shower run next to his bedroom, woke up and started asking for me. Surprisingly, he was wide awake. I hadn't woken Curtis up at this point and waiting until I could more accurately time how far apart the contractions were (I wasn't used to labor starting this way since with William is was so clearly obvious with my water popping initially!). 5 minutes or less and getting stronger as time progressed. William asked "Whatcha doin' Mama?" I replied, "I think we are going to go get baby Calvin today." He responded (with much enthusiasm), "You going to go get Baby Brudder!?!" H

Nov. 5th, 2011 37 weeks 2 days

I feel so crowded out! Here's a portrait that somewhat depicts how even just sitting there can be oh so uncomfortable in the last few weeks of pregnancy (o: Oh, but it will be all worth it, I know. We just can't wait to meet our little guy!

Nov. 3rd, 2011 37 weeks...

Well, we've hit the 37 week mark...I'm officially okay with having this little guy whenever he decides to arrive (o: I never remember feeling this way when I was pregnant with William, but it feels as though, if he really wanted to, he could pop his way into this world through my belly button! My belly is so incredibly tight (the doctor even commented on how impressed she was with it's tautness) that I feel like I'm going to rip right down the middle! There's not much room in there for him to get any bigger...We'll see how long it takes him to decide he needs more space...