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Annual Gant Family Reunion

We changed up our annual Power's family camping trip in order to make it a little more comfy and convenient for Grandpa and Grandma.  What we didn't realize was that helping out Grandpa and Grandma would lead us to, what I feel, was the best spot we've ever had!  I think we all agreed that from here on out, the cabin rental with tent sites was the way to go!

As always, we had a very enjoyable time with family.  Times like these remind me that we don't see each other often enough (can we ever?).  Life gets busy and schedules fill up which makes it hard.  Now that we're looking at a full time school schedule for William starting in Sept, it's going to change the dynamic of our family a lot.  I want to make sure we take every opportunity to see family when we can.  Lord knows how often I miss family that doesn't live close...And that includes those in Eugene all the way down to Southern CA and all the way back up to MN.

From bike riding for the boys, multiple…

Skyhawks Soccer Camp!

We decided to put this little ham into a three day soccer camp this Summer (o;
All his energy focused on kicking a ball and learning some skills (if that's what you call it at the age of three...).  Although he was a bit timid at first (we think only because he's seen William be that way), he eventually got out there and thoroughly enjoyed himself.

The many (soccer) faces of Calvin...