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Another sweet trip with my family comes to an end.  I think this was the longest I'd been with them while away from Curtis-two weeks.  Bittersweet emotions as I left.  I was so ready to get home and reunite my little family of four, but a part of me will always be in SoCal.  I miss them dearly.  Makes the visits that much sweeter though (o;  Thank you Thomas and Mel for allowing me LOTS of extra baby snuggling time.  I sure do love your sweet baby girl (o;
Here are some of my favs from our visit... (o;

 There's only another million pictures that I could just keep posting and posting and posting...We had such a great time.  Definitely worth the look on the boys face when they saw their Daddy's face for the first time in two weeks after we arrived back home.  Precious.  I was pretty happy to see him too (o;

Mother's Day

This Mother's day was a special one.  Not only did I get to spend it with my boys, but I can't remember the last time I got to spend Mother's Day with my mom (o;  And because I'm not sure when I'll ever get to do it again, it was definitely treasured.  I'm so blessed to call this woman my Mom.  And what a joy it's been to get to hear my boys call her Grandma (o;

We were down in California visiting Auntie Mel and the newest member of our family-Baby Z.  Because Mother's Day happened to land during our visit, Grandpa Greg and the boys took a special shopping trip and surprised me with this gem...Totally unexpected.

There's something so special (and extremely rewarding because of all the hard work you put into the job!) about being a Mom.  Not only am I blessed to have my mom, I've also been blessed with two others that I love: Marsha and Loretta.

Meeting Baby Z for the first time!

From the moment this baby girl was born (April 30th) until now, my arms literally ached to hold her.  I had hoped that she'd hold out until I arrived, but she was eager to enter this world.  Today was my turn.  Within an hour of stepping off our plane, I had sweet baby Ziara in my arms (o;   The ache melted away...  What a sweet, precious, and tiny baby girl!

It was so fun to see the boys love on her for the first time too. 

Smiley Face Chart

I'm always trying to think of creative ways to discipline.  I know, sounds kind of odd.  I'm a firm believer in spanking.  But, there comes a point when children understand more and are able to think through their consequences which leaves you to be creative in how you display and enforce consequences.

As a parent, I also felt as though I was harping on my kids all day long; continually pointing out all of the negative (which is very easy to do) and forgetting that all in all, they are good kids too!  The realization came to me that I needed to focus on that good more.  Just as important as helping them realize what's wrong in life, I need to help them see those things that are good.

Here's what I came up with.  The Smiley face chart.

Obviously Calvin's a little too young for this yet (and still responds quite well to an occasional spanking).  William and I sat down, discussed the consequence for when he reached eight sad faces and the reward for when he reached…