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Feb. 20th, 2010 Spending time with Family

My mom got to come up and spend a week with us. It was so nice to have her here. And Grandma sure enjoyed the time with three of her kids and of course her grandson. I had so many fun pictures I thought I'd share a few from her visit. Thanks mom for coming up to visit. Even if William may not remember it, I will. I love you. A good one of all four of us...Mom, Tauna, me and Mar Mom, William and I went to check out Mar's little kid's tumbling class...William had fun playing with the volleyballs before class started. We took a dip in the pool... Out to breakfast...Mamma leaning in for a kiss A good one of my Mom and Sis William and his Aunt Tauna

Feb. 18th, 2010 Playing with the baby goats

We have some dear friends who live close and have a love for animals like no one else. They recently finished birthing around 40 baby goats! They have quite the herd of little "baaaa'ers" and I thought it would be fun to let William check them out. I must say, I think Mamma enjoyed it more than William did. Of course, he probably won't remember any of it anyways (o: We got some cute pictures though! He was a little timid, but eventually reached out his hand to touch them. It was hard for William to ignore them as they kept coming up to nibble on his jacket! Getting a little more brave as the visit progresses The bottlefed babies got a little aggressive when the milk bottles came out...William wasn't too sure about it... All in all, the day was good. William loves being outside and with the nice break in the rain, he's been able to get his hands and knees dirty. I can't wait till he can help mamma in the garden!

February 7th, Happy First Birthday William!

I know I've said it so many times and I'm sure it won't be the last, but time flies by way too quickly. I can hardly believe that a year ago today we celebrated the birth of our healthy little William. Now he's a little boy and his parents couldn't be happier. We celebrated his first birthday with mostly family. I was very pleased at how well he did and what a great day it was. We wish you could have been there Grandpa Terry, Grandma 'Retta and Grandpa and Grandma Pile, but here are some of the highlights to share with you... Here's The turned out to be a delicious attempt at a mint chip ice cream cake with chocolate letters. The Birthday Boy's indulgence... We didn't even have to coax him...Need I say more... He hopped on his John Deere scooter and knew exactly what to do! He played hard the entire day...And fell asleep in Aunt Lori's arms later that evening.

Feb. 1st-5th Inn at Otter Crest

We had the priveledge of getting to spend almost a week with Grandma Marsha in Otter Rock at the beach. It was so much fun with William. Curtis was able to come up for a night and then had to return home for work. We had a couple nice days where we caught some time on the beach when the tide was out. Take a look at what we found! A great big purple starfish! William had to touch it...Unfortunately it washed away with the next wave of water Playin' on the playset... He held himself up for quite awhile! Playin' cards with Mom...We gave him some cards he could chew and he got the biggest grin on his face. His first pool experience...I discovered I have a little fish! He was so exhausted by the end that he fell asleep in Grandma's lap.