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Our "new" home

Our next chapter...We've officially closed and received the keys to our soon to be "new" home.  I say "new" because it's actually pretty old, just new to us.  This house was one of the original 7 houses built in Sublimity in 1910.  We plan to put quite a bit of work into it prior to moving in, but we hope to still maintain a lot of it's original character. Hip Hooray!  It's OURS! The kitchen...where the majority of demo will be done.   Now that the easy part is done (gaining ownership), let the hard work begin (construction)! Here's a look at what it is before we construct, paint and move in: Laundry room adjacent the kitchen...Again, a lot of demo to be done here. Master Bath...complete gut to ensue... Fresh coat of pain and this basement will become a great tv/play room Master Bedroom.  With some original trim work and craftsman doors, this will only require taking off some painted over wall paper, a fresh coat of