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Jan. 25th, 2010 Not long before he'll be running!

William's been progressively showing us how he's learning to walk on his own; no mommy or daddy's hands to hold onto. It's pretty cute, cause he'll look at something he wants that's a ways away and just stare like he's thinking about how to get there. Then, he'll just take off and see how far he can get before he falls. I finally captured a few moments on camera...(okay, so I couldn't figure out how to get them right side up. It's not like I shot them sideways! sorry)

Jan. 13th, 2010 Some Fun Pics

Some random fun... Here's William eating his first oreo...It was hilarious. Grandma gave him the oreo and he kept looking over at me like "Mom, is it okay that I eat this?" I might say that he looks pretty cute with chocolate all over his face. Later at Grandma's house Dad was going through some newspaper. William decided that it would be fun to spread the paper all over the floor, lay down face first in the mess and flail his arms and legs. He was giggling and having a blast!

Jan. 9th, 2010 Playing the PVC?

William continues to be more enthralled with Dad's tool bucket than any of his toys. It's funny to watch him pull out every tool. Some he'll put back, other's he'll stick in his mouth and still others he'll throw on the floor. Mom has to watch carefully for those small pieces she hasn't yet found...'Cause even if I don't, William will! Our latest fascination with William's liking of Dad's tool bucket is his creativity with a piece of PVC pipe. He picked it up and started playing it like a kazoo. Then he'd take it out of his mouth and start pounding on some paint cans like drums. He was pounding so hard there's now a bunch of dents in the top of the paint lids...pretty hillarious to watch. Here's a little video I caught of Dad and William playing together. Of course, the cutest moments you always miss on camera, but I'm just glad I caught some of it (o: