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Our "new" home

Our next chapter...We've officially closed and received the keys to our soon to be "new" home.  I say "new" because it's actually pretty old, just new to us.  This house was one of the original 7 houses built in Sublimity in 1910.  We plan to put quite a bit of work into it prior to moving in, but we hope to still maintain a lot of it's original character.

Now that the easy part is done (gaining ownership), let the hard work begin (construction)!
Here's a look at what it is before we construct, paint and move in:

Halloween Time!

Cutest little Batman and Superman you'll ever see!  They've even got a K9 sidekick...
Annual tradition of walking downtown Molalla before heading back to Grandma and Grandpa's for trick or treaters.  And there wasn't any rain this year!!

William's handwriting

I love watching William's handwriting improve.  I also love that part of his practice includes writing out school.

Batman Attitude

This kid and his costume wearing and smirks...
Did you know that Batman wears an Oregon Duck beanie?

33755 S. Barlow Rd. Woodburn, OR 97071

As hard as this is for me to write, I have a complete peace in my heart about this major transition that's about to take place in our lives.

We hit 'post' on our house for sale this past Thursday.  Most people think we're crazy and I have to admit, I still occasionally do to.  When you feel God is calling you to something bigger than your understanding at the moment, that's often how it seems.  We've loved this home for the past 9 years and have put many hours into making it the beautiful home that it is...All the way up to a bathroom that we're still currently working on!  When you buy an older home, it comes with a lot of charm but also quite a few repairs and/or much needed updates.

Our recent decision to leave the church we've been a part of since we moved here led us to start looking at our location in regards to community.  We've always lived about 15 minutes from everything, school, church, grocery store...And now that we were entering a n…