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33755 S. Barlow Rd. Woodburn, OR 97071

As hard as this is for me to write, I have a complete peace in my heart about this major transition that's about to take place in our lives.

We hit 'post' on our house for sale this past Thursday.  Most people think we're crazy and I have to admit, I still occasionally do to.  When you feel God is calling you to something bigger than your understanding at the moment, that's often how it seems.  We've loved this home for the past 9 years and have put many hours into making it the beautiful home that it is...All the way up to a bathroom that we're still currently working on!  When you buy an older home, it comes with a lot of charm but also quite a few repairs and/or much needed updates.

Our recent decision to leave the church we've been a part of since we moved here led us to start looking at our location in regards to community.  We've always lived about 15 minutes from everything, school, church, grocery store...And now that we were entering a n…

A vase full

This kid... He's always bringing me something.  I have to secretly get rid of things he gives me or I'd have a house full of "stuff" (he's gonna hate me when he's older and reads this).  Whether it be a picture he's drawn, a rock he's found, a flower he's picked, a treasure he's dug from the ground or this...a beautiful bouquet of pipe cleaners.  How my heart melted when he handed me the vase full of them.  He was beaming with pride.  Honestly, it stayed on my kitchen counter for quite awhile and proved a good conversation piece when someone would ask about it.  
I hope Calvin saw how long I left it on that counter.  It was long enough that he didn't seem to notice when I took it down.  I hope he recognized how much the time he spent making it and thinking of me meant to this Mama's heart.  I may not have kept that pipe cleaner bouquet around, but a made sure to take a picture of it.  A reminder of the love that spills over inside thi…

Calvin's in Preschool!

Today was Calvin's official first day of school.  Cascade View has a strong preschool program and we decided it would be a fun way for him to interact socially two days a week.  As excited as he was about going to "school", he surprised me at how timid he was (I think maybe just because of what he's seen from William).  Regardless, he transitioned quickly made instant friends with many of his classmates.

It starts for Calvin...Next year he'll be in Kindergarten and I can hardly believe it.  With an older brother to look up to, I feel as though he's growing up more quickly than William did.  The two of them share so much together and William's pretty excited that he now gets to share school's with Calvin.

William starts 2nd grade!!

Kudos to this kid...He has become more brave with each new school that he's had to transition into.  Although we wouldn't have intentionally planned it this way, I really think all of the transition has helped him to grow.

William will be at Cascade View Christian School in Sublimity, William's 3rd school since Kindergarten.  We committed ourselves to driving the 40min (one way) from our current location until we actually make the move to the Sublimity/Stayton area.  This way he can start off and continue through the entire year, even after we move.  And, God forbid, it's where we'll keep him for 3rd grade so he won't have to adjust to another school next year!

2nd grade...Won't be long before I'll be adding a one to the beginning of that and graduating him out of high school.  Sometimes you just want the moments to slow down a little.

What a kid William is growing up to be.  He may be timid when it comes to social situations and new environments, bu…

Uncle and Aunties Visit

We were overwhelmingly blessed beyond measure to have both of my sisters (and their husbands, and our Z!) visit.  They drove up from California to get a last visit in at the Gant Ranch before we sell.  Always a good time.  We got in some applesauce making, a fun dinner out in Mt. Angel, lots of Z kisses and a hike up the Gorge.  Cherished memories for sure.