A vase full

This kid...
He's always bringing me something.  I have to secretly get rid of things he gives me or I'd have a house full of "stuff" (he's gonna hate me when he's older and reads this).  Whether it be a picture he's drawn, a rock he's found, a flower he's picked, a treasure he's dug from the ground or this...a beautiful bouquet of pipe cleaners.  How my heart melted when he handed me the vase full of them.  He was beaming with pride.  Honestly, it stayed on my kitchen counter for quite awhile and proved a good conversation piece when someone would ask about it.  

I hope Calvin saw how long I left it on that counter.  It was long enough that he didn't seem to notice when I took it down.  I hope he recognized how much the time he spent making it and thinking of me meant to this Mama's heart.  I may not have kept that pipe cleaner bouquet around, but a made sure to take a picture of it.  A reminder of the love that spills over inside this little guys heart.


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