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First day of Kindergarten!!!

How time flies by so quickly, I'll never know.  And I'll probably say it another bajillion times as I grow older.  It felt like an eternity away when he was born, but today it's official.  He's in kindergarten.  I've heard a lot of mom's talk about how difficult it was to let their kid go on that first day.  I fully expected it to be difficult.  And somehow, it wasn't.  Maybe it's because I am so proud of him...Or maybe it's the excitement I have for him to meet new friends...Or maybe it's because he lets me walk him to class and is excited for Mom to volunteer when I get the chance...
Maybe it'll hit me later.

We're blessed with a rural school just a few miles from where we live.  We've poured a lot of prayer into this decision and are thankful that God doesn't call us to take life more than a day at a time.  We're hopeful that this is a great fit for William and are excited to see him thrive.  He's already surprised us …