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June 26th, 2009 A day with Friends

There were so many people to little time to see them. I took a day and headed to Portland (not that it's that far away, but there are always so many people I want to stop and see that it takes a good day to do it) to do some visiting.

Of course, Auntie Tauna was first. I took an apple cake, she provided the coffee and we enjoyed breakfast with her. I love getting to spend time with her (and don't do it often enough that's for sure). Then we went to see baby Kenna and mamma Deb (Kenna was born March 26th). It's neat to watch her grow as she's not too far behind William. We had lunch with my friend Matina and then headed to Orchard Heights to visit my dear (86year old) little Italian Grandma, Marge. She hadn't seen William yet and we miss her now that we're not neighbors. William and I took pizza over to Bus and Donna's (next door neighbors when we lived in Portland and dear friends of ours) and visited with them for awhile. They absolu…

June 24th, 2009 Snoozin' in the Sun

This was hillarious...I laid William down on the blanket in the grass while I was working outside. I put his John Deere hat over his head in order to shield some of the Sun. The next thing I knew, he had pulled his hat over his head (he likes things over his face) and fallen asleep with his thumb in his mouth. Definitely worth a picture!

June 21st, 2009 Dad's first Father's Day!

Curtis had to work today so William and I jumped in the car and headed up to see him at the station. The last time William visited the station was on Valentine's Day when he was only a week old. Unfortunately Curtis was out on a call (jumper from the bridge...may have seen it on the news) when we showed up so we just hung out with another mom and her son (who was also waiting for his daddy!) until they returned. I had decked William out in a little cowboy outfit (the cowboy hat is still too big unfortunately) for dad to see. One of the guys at the station said, "This little guy is framable!" I always enjoy getting to see Curtis at the station. We gave him a card that I used William's thumbprints to make little hearts on. Future Father's Day's will only get more fun (o: Can't wait till he can tell his dad he loves him.
Now...if only the jumper would have been courteous to all those drivers trying to get home on the freeway...It was almost 9p befor…

June 20th, 2009 Friends with Grady

I met Nicole at a group I went to in Silverton. Turns out she knows a few of my very good friends from Portland...what a small world. She came out with her 1 year old son Grady to pick some raspberries, share some strawberry shortcake, and go for a walk with the dogs. I enjoyed the time getting to know her better. Her little Grady would just look at William and get a big smile on his face. Nicole is teaching him "gentle" and he would reach out his hand and rub William's head (o: Grady showed me what I have to look forward to in the not so distant times ahead!

The swing Curtis got from a friend. Curtis hung it in one of our trees and William seemed to really enjoy it. We tried to get him to look at the camer but he wouldn't take his eyes off our dogs as they ran around him catching the ball.

June 18th, 2009 Everything in the mouth...

It started with his fingers at about 3 1/2 months old. Now it's anything and everything...just gotta get it in his mouth, whatever it is! I took some pictures after handing him my cell phone. He actually didn't do too bad holding onto it too! Auntie Mel, he loves the silkie on the blanket you gave him. It entertains him for awhile as he gums away on the blanket's edge. Dad's just hoping he doesn't attach to his thumb. He does a pretty good job of getting the thumb in his mouth too...we'll see (o:

June 10th, 2009 4 month Check up

William went in to see Jeanne for his 4 month check up and more shots yesterday. We are so very thankful that he's growing well and his health is good. He weighs 14lb 12oz (50th percentile) and is gaining the baby chub quite nicely (o: We found out the his doctor and I have similar fertility stories. She just laughed when I was talking to her about it and said "Melissa, you're telling me a repeat of my life a couple years ago." I am thankful that she knows my experience, especially when we'll want to start venturing down that road again in hopes of having another one.
We left the clinic with a smiling boy held by his mamma.

June 7th, 2009 4 months old!

I can hardly believe William is already 4 months old. Next I'll be saying "I can hardly believe he's already a teenager..." My how time flies. It's been so much fun watching him change these past 4 months. He's got the cutest little giggle that he lets us hear-every once in awhile. I'll tickle him on his stomach or his little thighs and he get's this big grin and uncontrollable giggle. Mom and Dad, I can't wait for you to hear it.
I had to take another John Deere hat picture. The shirt he's wearing used to be Curtis' when he was a baby. I thought today was a good day to wear it. Now he really looks like a little farmer (o: The first one is at the beginning of our photo shoot...He turned a little sour towards the end.

June 5th, 2009 Happy Birthday Grandpa!!! Almost 4 months old!!!

Grandpa Greg is 50 today! We talked with the family over Skype last night. They were all at mom and dad's house having dad's favorite, carne asade for dinner with peanut butter pie for dessert. Only wish we could have been there for the celebration! We are thankful for technology that allows us to see each other despite the distance and are looking forward to the trip down in August.

Aunt Tauna stopped by this last weekend before heading down to CA on a road trip with her friend Heidi. It was nice to see her before she left and get some pictures of her and William-can't have enough! William gave her lots of smiles which she enjoyed. We hope she stops by again on her way back home.