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Every year we take a trip to WINEMA with a group from our church.  We help the camp out with jobs around the facilities and enjoy some time on the coast.  We look forward to it every May.

On our way up this year we stopped to enjoy the Tillamook Cheese Factory...I cann't tell you the last time I had been there...
And you can't leave the Factory without some Tillamook ice cream...

...And a ride in the Loaf Van...
Then we were off to camp! 
Here's just a few (of the many!) highlights...

The weekend ended with a small church service before we all went our separate ways.  Because it was Mother's Day Sunday, a lot was said to honor mothers.  After being asked to speak (which I know isn't something that he's "comfortable" with), Curtis willingly took the challenge and put together a small message.  Needless to say, I was proud...

18 Months?!?!

One of these days I won't be so amazed at how quickly time passes me by...right?  Truly, once kids enter the picture, it's like they press hard on the fast forward button of life (o;

Calvin turned 18 months today:

And for fun, here's what big brother looked like when he was a little 18 month old:
We had his 18month apt and he weighs in at about the same weight he was at his 12month apt, around 26 1/2 lbs (still, not too far behind William's 32lbs (o;  ).
Here we are at the doctor's office:

Calvin is such a fun loving little boy.  He's full of energy and will say hi (and bye!) to anyone that acknowledges him.  His vocabulary is fastly increasing as he's pairing the signs he knows with the actual words.  Just the other day William was running around with his cowboy hat and lasso saying "Yee-haw"...He soon realized that he had a little shadow behind him waving a blade of grass and saying, "Heeha" too (o;  He wants to do everything his big …

Water Fun!

It's a rare occasion when it's warm enough in MAY to pull out the kiddie pool, fill it up with hose water and actually enjoy an ice cold dip.  We were taking full advantage of our 80 degree weather!