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Happy 5th Birthday William!

For the past year (pretty much a day after he turned 4), William has been requesting his birthday party at the beach.  It's become an annual tradition that Grandma Marsha rents a get away for us, the "other" Gant family and her and Bruce to escape for a few days of family time.  It's become a great tradition-one that not only Curtis and I, but our boys definitely look forward to.  We have spent the last few years at the beach.  This year, we were going in the complete opposite direction-Redmond.  I asked William if he still agreed on the location for his party and/or if waiting until the end of the month would suffice.  He wholeheartedly agreed on the plan-just as long as cousins would be there.

So, that's what we did.
Well, we celebrated a bit on his birthday too...

He was truly spoiled.  If I had enough room I'd list him with pictures of everything he was gifted for turning 5.  He's definitely one loved boy!

Here are some favorites from our time in Redm…

Birthday Snow?!?!

It's not every year William gets a backyard full of snow to play with on his birthday!! When it does, you must take full advantage of it...

What's snow without a four wheeler ride!?!

And snow angles?!

When it snows around here, you have to take full advantage of it...
I love how the snow looks under the Filbert trees...Makes for a great family photo!

Hot Cross Buns...

What is it about kids that they like to run around naked?  Literally, any chance they get.
This is how I found the boys after their shower tonight...
Warming themselves by the fireplace.
I thought it utterly hilarious, that I had to snap a picture.  You can totally see the stark difference between the boys body types.  And those cute cheeks...who can resist?!

Just don't lean forward boys...I'm not sure how I'd explain that one in the ER.