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We've talked about getting baby chicks for quite some time now.  I talked with a lot of other people who have/had them and figured it would be a good animal to have on our property that the boys could help take care of and learn to work with.  When we found out Wilco sells them in the Fall, I jumped on it. I don't know who was more excited, me or the boys...Or whether or not Curtis will dislike me for awhile as they grow and we're forced to start yet another project, building a coop.

Decisions, decisions.  Which chicks do you want?!  We decided five would make a good number and only doubled up on one variety: the Ameraucana (because they're the easter eggers that will likely lay either blue or green eggs and that sounds like fun!).

Here the boys are at the store...chickies in tow with all their supplies.  Calvin could hardly handle not opening the box while he sat next to them.
Heading home, I just loved hearing their little chirps (o;
Then came the most exciting part…


How the good Lord has blessed us with berries... They hung like grape clusters this year.
Because we jumped into being blueberry growers with very little knowledge, each year we're surprised with what our crop has yielded.

Our 1st yr we expected none, simply because we picked off every blossom to establish root growth.

Our second year was a complete guessing game and at years end we totaled 350lb (which is about the approx # of plants we have).

Our 3rd year we expected more (Wouldn't you?  Bigger plants=more berries right?) and were left surprised at the end of the season with only a total of 140lb...hmmm.

Our 4th year we dove in without any expectations being that the previous year had stumped us, and were blessed with 750lbs of berries!

This being our 5th blueberry season, we did not expect to almost double our yield...We totaled just under 1,300lbs of blue.  It just makes me smile to think of how many were blessed with bellies as well as freezers full of berries (includ…