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Happy 4th Birthday Calvin!

I'll say it every time this year rolls around, but I can hardly believe he's another year older.  I'm really enjoying this stage in Calvin's life.  He's developed quite a lovable personality and is quick to give his Mama kisses and hugs (sometimes I even get a pretend bomb thrown at me..."Full of kisses to last me all day," he says).  Don't get me wrong, he has his days in need of discipline.  But, we are very thankful God decided to add Calvin to our family now 4 years ago... All he wanted was "A smiley face birthday Mama!"  Totally fits this kid.  Attempts at smiley face cake pops were made...Not bad for my first try.  Learned a few things and might  even attempt them again! Grandpa Terry and Grandma wondered what to get Calvin and we suggested a pinata.  He got to open it as a present and then we hung it up and broke it.  Super fun. Auntie Lori knows little boys...She's had three of them.  No surprises