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Swim Lessons

We've always wanted the boys to feel comfortable in the water.  Making the time for swim lessons proves more difficult than expected.  We managed to squeeze some in and they were even able to take them with two of their favorites: Evan and Avery. This kid loves the water.  As much as he allows his fears and timidness to get in the way of the actual lesson and the teacher he doesn't know, I think he could really become a fish if he'd let himself.  So, we just push him along (o; He wasn't at all afraid this time to jump off the deep.  It's those small improvements that we applaud. This little man and his shark goggles got a little more brave in the water this time.  Sticking his head under has been a fearful feat and he mastered it this time.  He's still a bit scared when he knows his feet can't touch, but it'll just take time. In the meantime, he loves any floaty device that helps him stay up (o; The gang (William, Calvin, Evan and Ave

Happy 7th Birthday William!

This year William had more of a birthday month than just a day...Lucky kid.  I can hardly believe he's 7 and I know I'll be saying this every year.  It still fascinates me how quickly time flies by.  Part of the reason I love blogging (even if it takes me 6mo to get one done, Hah!). Let the pictures tell the story... 2/7/16: Birthday morning.  Bed head AND all.  His favorite-waffles with frozen applesauce chunks.  And of course, candles (o; Since William's birthday was on a day Curtis works, what better thing to do than have a party at the station.  Curtis did such a great job of making it so special for William.  They hung streamers from the balcony of the stairs for him to walk through, we stopped and got doughnuts to share with the firefighters (because he loves a good maple bar on special occasions), we checked out the fireboat with Dad, opened presents in Dad's room, enjoyed a chocolate ice cream cookie cake, put together a United States puzzle he opened fr