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August 25th-Sept. 6th, 2010 California here we come...again!

Yes, this was our second trip to California this summer. This one was originally planned, but I'm sure glad it worked out! Curtis sent William and I down to see Grandpa and Grandma while he slaved away on our kitchen remodel . He worked while we got to visit and play...I've got such an incredible husband. We timed it so that I could see my sister before she left to head back to Japan (she had been there since Spring and was home for a summer visit) and I could attend my cousin's wedding. The time was good; always is. Makes me realize how much I miss the ones I love that are so far away... The sista's The clan... William thinking he's gonna hitch a ride with Tauna to Japan...Not so fast Mister! Saying our goodbyes... It isn't time with Grandpa until you've gotten on a tractor...William and Grandpa, both in their elements. William notices any tractor he sees and tells me "Trekta, Trekta, Trekta Mamma!" At the beach...