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Happy 4th Birthday Calvin!

I'll say it every time this year rolls around, but I can hardly believe he's another year older.  I'm really enjoying this stage in Calvin's life.  He's developed quite a lovable personality and is quick to give his Mama kisses and hugs (sometimes I even get a pretend bomb thrown at me..."Full of kisses to last me all day," he says).  Don't get me wrong, he has his days in need of discipline.  But, we are very thankful God decided to add Calvin to our family now 4 years ago...

All he wanted was "A smiley face birthday Mama!"  Totally fits this kid. 

Attempts at smiley face cake pops were made...Not bad for my first try.  Learned a few things and might even attempt them again!

Grandpa Terry and Grandma wondered what to get Calvin and we suggested a pinata.  He got to open it as a present and then we hung it up and broke it.  Super fun.

Auntie Lori knows little boys...She's had three of them.  No surprises that he LOVED his cape and mask …

Superman and his Bull Cow

After a successful trip to Goodwill, I present to you this year's costumes.  People typically wear them once a year and then they give them away which totally makes it worth a thrift trip!  And we even found a matching costume for Z! 

We took the opportunity to snap a pic of the cousins in their costumes before they had to leave after their visit this month.  Out of the bajillion I snapped, this was the best I got.  These three are adorable.

Molalla Communications has done a picture booth the past few years that we always make sure we stop in at for an annual picture.  Unfortunately, they weren't doing it this year (we heard a few other people surprised and disappointed...Probably wasn't terribly cost effective for them).  So, we took our own.

After this picture was snapped, we went around to the surrounding business' and fire station for our trick or treat experience...Then it started to downpour.  Curtis ran to get the van, and by the time he came back …

Teacher Appreciation

The school puts on an annual pastor/teacher appreciation breakfast.  It's hosted by the Kindergarten and 1st grade classes and each student is able to invite whichever pastor or teacher they feel has been the most influential in their lives spiritually.

It didn't surprise me when William said that he wanted to invite "Teacher Sandy." She's given her life in devotion to the 2 & 3's class at church.  And even though it's been a few years since William's been in her class, he still receives postcards from her every Christmas telling him how special he is (she actually sends them out to all the kids she's had over the years...Even those who are now in high school).  She makes William feel special and it shows.  She felt honored that William would invite her and was more than thrilled to be a part of the event.

I was able to sneak in and take pictures of the event.  William surprised me and I could tell was just talking away to Sandy all througho…

Bandon, Bogs and Z time!

At the annual Gant Family Reunion every July, we visit with Tom and Marian Gant.  Tom is Terry's (Curtis' dad) cousin and his family has owned and operated cranberry bogs since the late 1930's.  Tom is in his 80's and he's still out running the bogs with his two sons: Steve and Gary.  We've talked about making a trip to Bandon during harvest time so that we can see the entire process in operation.  This time, we did it.
Just so happened that the Thy's family planned their visit around the same time we were planning to go.  Made for a great family vacation!!

First stop: West Coast Game Park
Curtis remembers going as a kid, but the rest of us had never been.  It's an interesting twist...wild animal park meets petting zoo sort of a thing.  There were plenty of exhibits where the employees would bring out the wild animals and allow you to touch them (under supervision of course)...

The next day we met up with The Gants (Bandon family) at the bogs.  They wer…


Tonight was the first night this happened.
With no prompting of either parent, William got a book, invited Calvin to sit down, and read to him.

Be. Still. My. Heart

*And yes, you saw it right...They're both wearing Christmas jammies in Oct.

Welcome to WVCS!

There are so many words that come to mind when I think about the opportunity we have to send William to private school this year.  I know there are many who want to and can't, whether it be financially, location or otherwise.  I thank the Lord again and again that we are able.  Blessed is the only word that seems adequate.

So many of the people we've met so far at Willamette Valley Christian School (WVCS) will often ask how we found out about the school, fully expecting that we know someone who already attends.  They're often surprised when I tell them, "Nope.  We just found it online."  Odd these days we live in, that you can just research and pick and choose all from the internet.  Of course, we met with some of the staff and even talked with a few parents, but we're looking forward (and expecting) to meeting lots of new faces as we start off the school year in a brand new place.

William's first grade class is one of the largest classes at WVCS at 17 st…

The Land of 10,000 Lakes

We had been wanting to make another trip to MN to see family.  We were there last 6 years ago for Thanksgiving just before William turned one.  We were due.  Mom let us know they were planning a trip and we figured what better time to go then while they were there too!

God works his perfect timing.  I've seen it happen so many times in my life.  It just so happened that my Grandma (who has suffered from some debilitating dizziness and fairly recent vision issues) was to have a consultation with a doctor after running a multitude of tests to finally determine the reason behind her symptoms.  My mom was able to be there of which she was very grateful-living so far away and never normally getting to be a part of things like this.

They diagnosed Grandma with Posterior Cortical Atrophy, a rare form of Alzheimers that not only effects memory but also vision.  Although it is an extremely difficult diagnosis to get, there are finally answers to the ongoing question of "why" she…