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Teacher Tata

While Tauna visited she had the opportunity to use her teacher skills with American kids (o;  I had mentioned to Mrs. Ruwitch that she was going to be in town and she thought it would be a really neat opportunity for the class to learn a little about Japan. Showing the kids where Japan is In Japan, books open left to right.  The book she chose was fun because it was in English, but could be read from left to right or right to left.   Showing them how to right the Japanese symbol (one of them) for the letter "ah" (or the letter a).  The Japanese language doesn't have letters, just symbols that represent sounds.   The kids had the chance to practice with pencil and then trace over with paint.  Fun memories with Auntie Tata (o; She also got in on a little Bulldog pride at the school's annual Carnival! Tauna, you were awesome with the kindergarteners!  Teaching is definitely something you do well. Here's some more memories from her time wit