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A Bee and his Beekeeper

I realized just recently that I had taken all of these pictures of the boys in their Halloween costume and never bothered to post any...So, even though I'm marking this post on Oct. 31st, it's a bit later than that (o;

This year's costumes were for you Grandpa Greg. The bee costume was a Goodwill find that William wore on his first Halloween at 9 months old...

 And even though Calvin is a bit bigger as well as older than William was when he wore it, we still managed to fit him into it (o;

And what was big brother to be other than the little brother's beekeeper (o;  (Thank you Auntie Mel and Uncle Tom for the "bee hat") 

I love this one...the expressions are priceless...

A Bountiful Harvest


The Dentist!!


Bye Bye!