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A Bee and his Beekeeper

I realized just recently that I had taken all of these pictures of the boys in their Halloween costume and never bothered to post any...So, even though I'm marking this post on Oct. 31st, it's a bit later than that (o; This year's costumes were for you Grandpa Greg. The bee costume was a Goodwill find that William wore on his first Halloween at 9 months old...  And even though Calvin is a bit bigger as well as older than William was when he wore it, we still managed to fit him into it (o; And what was big brother to be other than the little brother's beekeeper (o;  (Thank you Auntie Mel and Uncle Tom for the "bee hat")  I love this one...the expressions are priceless... "Hey, why don't you share your snacks with the little guy?"

A Bountiful Harvest

As many of you know, I enjoy gardening.   It’s changed a bit over the years…we lived in Portland with room for only a few tomato plants, we moved to the country where I inherited a 4000sqft piece of gardening freedom where I planted LOTS, I had William and planted a little less and then I had Calvin and let the weeds semi take over (o;   Needless to say, my love for the dirt and watching things grow hasn’t changed.   It’s been fun to see William’s hands in the dirt while we plant, as well as his excitement as he sees a tiny green leaf poke through the soil.   Calvin, well he’s learning to love dirt too…the taste that is.   I’m sure, as he grows, that he’ll learn to love an aspect of it too (even if it’s simply a dirt clod fight with his brother…I can see it already). And this is how the cupboards (and the freezer, and the dehydrator…) are filled… Preparing the soil    Mounding up the rows… Strawberry picking with friends (William 3 ½y, Peter 2 ½y, Calvin 7

The Dentist!!

We started taking William to the dentist earlier this year.   Well, at least we attempted.   We figured we had to start somewhere and were eventually referred on to a kids’ dentist after we discovered at home that William might have what we thought was a cavity.    They were great.   Everything was kid friendly-right down to bubblegum flavored gloves (of which later, after a belly and back full of itching hives, we found out William was allergic to…latex, just like his Mama).   As nervous as William was, we made it through the first tooth exam only to discover that yes indeed, he had a cavity )o; So, the next apt was made.    Here William is after teaching him how to floss his teeth this past April: Anyone who knows William, understands that anything he does for the first time (or the second, or the fifth) is done with a little apprehension.   He’s cautious-takes it all in before he feels comfortable.   Definitely nothing wrong with that.   Ju

Bye Bye!

Although he hasn’t yet started signing any of the sign language we’re trying to teach him, I thought this was pretty cute…

Uncle Tom and Auntie Mel!

What an incredibly special visit.  Okay, so it started out as a 10yr class reunion trip for Mel, but I turned it into a special trip for me and my "boys" to get to hang out and love on (of which we don't get to do very often) Uncle Tom and Auntie Mel (or "Mow" as William says it).  Truly, I don't think I can put into words how thankful we were to have you both here for a spell.  THANK YOU! In their short five day visit, we crammed LOTS of fun in...  Mel got to experience swim lessons with Calvin and I on the first day they got here. Well, first they had to have a little bonding time... Notice the increasingly less tan our skin gets from Mrs. California to me and then Calvin (o; We walked through the orchard to the Pumpkin Fest...and got a little lost in the corn maze. We were granted free tickets to OMSI (thank you Penny!)...  When you're Auntie Mel and Uncle Tom, you get to play right along with the boys...