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Coloring Calvin

If making a decoupage wallpaper out of your kids coloring papers was a thing, I think we would have been supplied enough from Calvin over the past year or so to do all rooms in our house...and then some.  This kid started putting pencils and color on paper a few years and I honestly thought he'd have grown out of it by now; or at least lost some of his interest.  Not the case.  I remember William being really into coloring for awhile but I feel like it didn't last as long as Calvin has. It's been fun watching his pictures change and they even include letters and words now that he's started reading.  The hard part?  Trying to sneak some of them into the recycle bin after we've enjoyed them for a bit.  If he finds them he's devastated that we threw away his masterpieces!  And yet, we'd be floating in paper if we'd kept them all (o; I still probably keep far too many.  My favorites are when he cuts his pictures out with scissors so they're tiny and