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W: "Mom, you peel it and then I just want it long and skinny...please!" 
"M: Most definitely William!...However you want to eat your vegetables is fine with me!" 

My Big Helper!

When William says he's our "big helper", he truly is. 
Here's proof:

 Check out this video to see him in action...It's pretty cute if I must say (o;

 Calvin's learning how to be a big helper too (o;  Here he is driving the lawn mower (don't's not running!) .  He loves getting to sit in the big seat (and Dad can only wait till he can actually help a bit with the hours of mowing there is to do around here this time of year).

Wooden Shoes...

Don't you think they could advertise for the Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival?

(And ya gotta love Calvin's belly playing peek-a-boo (o;  )

Awana Grand Prix

William's first year in AWANAs means he got to participate in his first AWANA Grand Prix...And here's how a Daddy and his son build their very first pinewood derby car:

Tender shoots...

As I watch the seeds that I planted push life above the soil....
...I am reminded at just how precious our lives are.  As a Mom, I've come to realize the incredible responsibility I have in raising my boys.  Thank goodness I have an incredibly strong husband along for the journey.  And for those who don't lean on the Lord for an unduly amount of strength that's needed on a daily basis...I DON'T KNOW HOW YOU DO IT! 

So many things are absolutely essential for these tender cabbage shoots to thrive.  An imbalance of the proper soil nutrients, water, sunlight and warmth proves detrimental to their ability to grow into the luscious vegetable we desire it to be...And so it is for us.  We so often don't take into account the "proper nutrients" we need to grow and thrive.  No, I'm not talking about food-although it is essential for survival.  When we're hungry, we eat-almost without giving it second thought.  Why is it that we don't pay the same atten…