Coloring Calvin

If making a decoupage wallpaper out of your kids coloring papers was a thing, I think we would have been supplied enough from Calvin over the past year or so to do all rooms in our house...and then some.  This kid started putting pencils and color on paper a few years and I honestly thought he'd have grown out of it by now; or at least lost some of his interest.  Not the case.  I remember William being really into coloring for awhile but I feel like it didn't last as long as Calvin has.

It's been fun watching his pictures change and they even include letters and words now that he's started reading.  The hard part?  Trying to sneak some of them into the recycle bin after we've enjoyed them for a bit.  If he finds them he's devastated that we threw away his masterpieces!  And yet, we'd be floating in paper if we'd kept them all (o;

I still probably keep far too many.  My favorites are when he cuts his pictures out with scissors so they're tiny and t…

Fort Rules...

Never let an opportunity to take a picture of "Boy Fort posted rules" go by...
No burping or tooting?  Or making loud noises?   I guess at least they know of manners!

The Playground of Nature

W:  "Mom, I really need to borrow your clothes basket!"
M: "What are you going to do with it?"
W: "Make a bird trap."
M: "Well, ok.  Just remember to put it back when you're done and make sure it's not all covered in dirt the next time I need to do laundry."

Hours later, I came upon this...

The boys had rigged up a bird trap complete with some wood with sap on it to attract bugs for the bird to eat as well as some rotten strawberries in case the bird wanted those too.  They had worked so hard together on this and were now patiently waiting for a bird to come close.

I love their imaginations.
I love their optimism.
I love their brotherhood.

Sweet naivety

William's always thinking about things (he's always been a sit back and take it all in kinda kid) and every once in awhile he'll just start a conversation out of the blue.  I've had more and more of these lately with him and I can always tell, even though it seems so out of the blue to me, he's thought long and hard before initiating it.

W: "Mom, sometimes Lucious (one of his friends at school) says bad words."

Me: "Oh really, what are they?  You probably better spell them so we don't repeat them in front of Calvin."

W: "Um, ok...'D'...'U'...I don't think I know how to spell it."

Me: "Just whisper it in my ear."

I lean towards him and he whispers, "Duh".

I respond, "Oh...were there any other words he said?"

W: "Yeah...'S'...'T'...'U'...'P'...'I'...'D'"

Silently relieved in my mind (and trying not to chuckle outloud) that the …

William's Self Portrait

William likes to draw during free time at school...

A Mother's Day!

How blessed I am to be their Mom.
I pray they'll always know how much their Dad and I truly love them...
And even more importantly, how much their Heavenly Father loves them.

Builder William

And has for quite some time.
I can't recall when he got his first Lego set but the excitement hasn't diminished.
How many Legos does a kid need?!  Apparently there are never too many.  And even though most all sets come with prefab instructions, he works outside the lines and makes his own creations too.  That's what I enjoy seeing the most.  There's something about his love of creating that I think will play into his future.  We'll see where he goes with it!