Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Student of the Month!

What a proud parent moment.
Actually brings tears to my eyes when I look at these pictures again.  Our struggle with William's shyness and his ability to adjust to new situations has been a tough one for us.  We understand that a lot of it has to do with his personality and we're wrestled so much with how best to handle each situation that presents itself as a challenge for William and his ability cope and engage in a new environment.  This moment was confirmation that he truly is growing in this area.

We were told that he would be receiving student of the month for April and when he would be receiving his award so that we knew when to be there to see it.  He had know idea ahead of time.  What we didn't know, was what the award was being given to him for.  When they announced his name for the "Most Improved" award, my heart was beaming.  You'll notice why in the description below.  Not only did we, but his teacher (Mrs. Cronrath) noticed how much William improved in his openness and ability to make friends and show eagerness when it comes to his academics.  He is trying to hold back a full teeth smile in this first picture, but I could tell that he too was beaming.  Our hope is that this is just one step in the right direction of instilling more confidence in himself.  How incredibly proud we are of him.

His classic hold back a smile face (o;  

Couldn't agree more with what she wrote.  So proud of our William.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Swim Lessons

We've always wanted the boys to feel comfortable in the water.  Making the time for swim lessons proves more difficult than expected.  We managed to squeeze some in and they were even able to take them with two of their favorites: Evan and Avery.

This kid loves the water.  As much as he allows his fears and timidness to get in the way of the actual lesson and the teacher he doesn't know, I think he could really become a fish if he'd let himself.  So, we just push him along (o;

He wasn't at all afraid this time to jump off the deep.  It's those small improvements that we applaud.

This little man and his shark goggles got a little more brave in the water this time.  Sticking his head under has been a fearful feat and he mastered it this time.  He's still a bit scared when he knows his feet can't touch, but it'll just take time.

In the meantime, he loves any floaty device that helps him stay up (o;

The gang (William, Calvin, Evan and Avery)...In all their goofy glory.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Happy 7th Birthday William!

This year William had more of a birthday month than just a day...Lucky kid.  I can hardly believe he's 7 and I know I'll be saying this every year.  It still fascinates me how quickly time flies by.  Part of the reason I love blogging (even if it takes me 6mo to get one done, Hah!).
Let the pictures tell the story...

2/7/16: Birthday morning.  Bed head AND all.  His favorite-waffles with frozen applesauce chunks.  And of course, candles (o;
Since William's birthday was on a day Curtis works, what better thing to do than have a party at the station.  Curtis did such a great job of making it so special for William.  They hung streamers from the balcony of the stairs for him to walk through, we stopped and got doughnuts to share with the firefighters (because he loves a good maple bar on special occasions), we checked out the fireboat with Dad, opened presents in Dad's room, enjoyed a chocolate ice cream cookie cake, put together a United States puzzle he opened from Bus and Donna and then (his favorite) took some slides down the fire pole.        Fun. Filled. Day.

Then he had a mini party during school the next day.  He sat in front of the entire class (1st and Kinder since they hang with the Kinder kids a lot) while they sang a fun version of Happy Birthday (complete with karate chops) to him.  Then he got to share a fun robot snack he helped me make before getting to enjoy an end of the day recess with his friends.

Grandma Marsha and Grandpa Bruce went and watched William's swim lesson and then treated us to dinner and dessert...And of course a lego set (o;  You do a great job of spoiling Grandma Marsha.
We love you!

Then he chose a small birthday party with two of his buddies Gav and Evan, proof that he prefers smaller groups of people over large parties.  I love the pic of Calvin after giving him his birthday gift.  Heart melt moment.  William chose ice cream cones for his birthday treat and then Curtis made and organized some fun games for the boys to play.  

His last party was with cousins at our annual Eagle Crest trip.  Some birthday tickets from his Auntie Lori, presents, more ice cream cones and some special cousin time.  The time we have with family always means so much to us.  Can't get enough.

Monday, January 18, 2016

Super hero cooking skills

This kid is always good for a smile.  In fact, I shouldn't say just a smile but a laugh.  His natural ability to make anyone giggle is a trait that's much appreciated (even if I fear he'll become the biggest class clown someday).

We were making biscuits (he'll take any opportunity I give him to help me in the kitchen) and he gets the stool to the counter and then says, "Wait!"  He runs to his bedroom and comes back with this.  Apparently cooking is so much more fun when you're wearing your super hero mask and cape (o;

And I'd have to say, it was.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

I love this pic.
It depicts so much of what Curtis is about...A man that strives to be the Godly example his boys need as he teaches them what he knows along the way.
It was one of those Sundays where we just relaxed and took some time to enjoy each other after church.

We happen to spot the Oscar Meyer Wienermobile on our way home too...
Another reminder to just stop and have fun in life.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016


Ever remember putting chapstick on like you were prepping your clown makeup when you were a kid? Calvin totally brought back this memory for me today...

Doll face
He's totally in love with Mt. Dew and Sugar Daddy chapstick Grandma Marsha gave him for Christmas (o;
So proud

"My Bump"

Calvin's wellness checks are a bit off schedule.  Although he turned 4 a few months ago, we were scheduled to say hello to Dr. Savage (and get up to date on our shots!) this month. 

We've been watching a "bump" (which is what he calls it to anyone that asks) on the back of Calvin's neck just below his hairline for about a year.  I went in and had it measured last July so that we'd know how much it's grown from then till now.  It was about the size of an pencil eraser top last January and by July it had grown to about the size of a large pea.  There was no doubt it had not only grown substantially but gotten oblong in shape since our apt in July.  We were determined to figure out what it was and what needed to be done about it.

Dr. Savage thought it to likely be a swollen lymph node and actually discovered that all of his lymph nodes were palpable throughout his entire body (some people's naturally are).  Because the bump we were looking at had progressively gotten bigger over a short period of time and he hadn't recently been sick (which would lead us to believe it was indeed a lymph node), she ordered a CBC (complete blood culture) and then referred us onto an ENT Doc to have them take a look and give their opinion.

I felt peace.  I really did.  Especially after this kid, of no prompting of mine, gave me this in the middle of his exam...It's a picture that will forever be ingrained in my head as an example of childlike faith.  Whatever lies ahead, we can trust in the One who carries us.