The beginnings of another great school year


And then it was September and these boys were actually excited to head back to school this year.  Makes it a whole lot easier when there's no tears at drop off (o;  Cascade View officially opened the doors on their new building for this school year of which meant William got to enjoy a brand new classroom.  Pretty exciting stuff.  He also originally thought he was going to be with a completely different teacher and due to enrollment, he switched teachers and classrooms.  He's getting to know some 5th grade kids that are new to the school as well as the 4th graders since he's in a 4th/5th blend with Mrs. Cecil. There's a new computer room in the new building and William's looking forward to learning how to officially handle a computer keyboard.  There's also been talk about a Robotics Club this year which has definitely piqued his interest.  Lot's of exciting stuff this year for William!

Calvin jumps right into a new classroom without a…

Joshua 1:9

Both boys passed the last level of swim lessons in February and were gifted a free month of swim team so we decided to try it.  Both Curtis an I had our doubts that Calvin had actually fulfilled all of the requirements for the team, but couldn't hurt to try.

They both seemed eager as they put on their trunks and we headed out the door.  Once in the door, it was an entirely different story.  The instructor was going to have them get in the pool and perform different swimming techniques to see what they could do.  Calvin started to jump up and follow her until he caught eye of William's hesitancy.  He wasn't going to go without his brother, so he sat back down.

There's a bond between these two that truly is something special.  Of course they fight occasionally like all brothers do, but they also gel together in a lot of areas.  Part of what makes parenting them a joy.  Unfortunately, they can also feed off of each other's weaknesses.  Calvin adores and looks up thi…

Calvin get's Student of the Month!

This kid.  Couldn't be more proud.
Not only do our boys attend a school that awards kids for their display of the Fruits of the Spirit, but they actually get chosen from their entire class to receive the award.
Mrs. Gill chose Calvin for the Fruit of the Spirit of Faithfulness.  She spoke very highly of him at the school assembly and I could tell, made him beam with pride as he walked to the front to receive it.

Keep it up Calvin!  Your faith will take you far...

For the love of pomegranate

Over the last year or so, William discovered pomegranates.  He loves them.  He also loves the work of dissecting and picking out the seeds.  He's definitely more patient than some!

That's a Wrap!

This little guy loves soccer.  It's been fun to watch his skill grow from last Fall till this one.  He's a fast little runner and is starting to catch onto the rules of the game (as much as a 6yr old can understand).  It's neat watching him have so much fun while playing. 

Calvin gets Student of the Month

There's just something about your kid being honored as student of the month that makes you feel so proud inside.  Especially when it has to do with the Fruits of the Spirit!  The boy's school focuses on a different fruit of the spirit each month and this month Calvin was honored for his example of Love. Mrs. Silbernagel spoke about how Calvin always pays attention to other students when they are hurt or upset while in PE.  Keep it up Calvin!  

Lost Lake!

We always really look forward to our trip to Lost Lake with the Brown Family.  If memory serves me correctly, this year was our 10th year camping here.  Such great memories over the years and of course, it changes each Summer as the boys grow older.  We had a few firsts this year...
This was the first year without any of the Brown kids! Still fun, just definitely different now that they only have Lauren at home.

We also thought we'd try the dogs in the kayaks this year.  Rags is getting older and can't endure a walk around the lake.  Why not try a float!  It went surprisingly better than we thought it would!

 This was the first year the boys decided on their own to go into the lake at our favorite swimming spot without life jackets on.  Their becoming slightly more confident in their swimming abilities.

There were some special moments the boys had with Sean and Cheri all to themselves.

Although we've loved Lost Lake, we're thinking we might venture out and try a new c…