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Jan. 21st, 2012 Bit 'o Brotherly love

I happened to catch a few videos of William interacting with his little brother. You can see a bit of how much he adores him...
(I had to chunk up the video into three parts)

He loves to hold Calvin and help burp him...

William knows that Calvin drinks milk, and milk only. The other day, as Curtis poured William a bowl of cereal, he asked him if he wanted milk on it...
W: "No, Dad."
C: "You don't want milk on your cereal? Why not?"
W: "Milk is for babies Dad."
He then had to explain that we drink cow's milk and Calvin drinks Mama's milk.

Here he is sharing one of our singing Christmas cards with Calvin (Thank you Wayne & Sherri-William's still carrying the card around!). He claims Calvin started dancing to the music at the end (o:

Then they had some hang out time on the floor after I changed Calvin's diaper...

William is such a big helper. When Calvin starts crying, he will often go over and start talking to him to help calm him down. …

Jan. 18th, 2012 Swingin' Babies

Here's a look into the past...

William: April 13th, 2009
2 months 5 days

Calvin: January 18th, 2012
2 months 10 days

Jan. 12th, 2012 Potty Training

We've been working with William on potty training. We started seriously thinking about it this past Summer, when he could run around naked outside and watch himself pee (in the grass and not all over the house!). He caught on pretty quickly (to the peeing part that is) and had fun picking different objects to pee on (trees, rocks, leaves...fortunately not the dogs). Then, I decided we weren't gonna push the issue until after brother was born. I'd heard all kinds of people tell me that he would likely just regress, so I figured we'd at least introduce the whole concept and pick back up after Calvin was born.

Sportin' the birthday suit while we practiced outside...I'm sure the pool had plenty of pee in it too.

We told William that babies like Calvin wore diapers and that he wasn't a baby anymore. I guess this is where big boys wear their diapers...And for some reason I can't find this picture of this one for the life of me (one of William wearing a d…

January 8th, 2012 2 months already?!

Where does the time go?...I think I'll probably say that a bajillion times over in my lifetime. It never ceases to amaze me at how quickly the minutes turn into hours, the hours into days...

Our Calvin is 2 months old today. And even though he still keeps mom up most of the night (gotta keep up those chubby cheeks somehow!), I adore him.

He started cracking an ever so cute smile on the first of the year. I couldn't catch it on camera until a few days later, but Oooh how it makes me melt!

He still makes has his famous "grunt" noises and is trying ever so hard to turn them into a new form of vocal communication. You should seem him open his mouth wide and try!

He turns his head to my voice and has even turned to find William when he's around him. The most fun is when I'm changing Calvin on the changing table and William is behind him on his bed bouncing around. Calvin cranks his neck back to to find his jumping bean brother and it's so incredibly cute …