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Oct. 31st, 2011 Happy Halloween!

On the nights Daddy is at work, William and I spend the night at Grandmas just in case baby decides to arrive (I don't want to be home alone when labor starts!). William didn't have a costume this year (I didn't want to put forth all the effort of finding something just to have him not want to wear it or being in the hospital in labor!), but he did enjoy some teeth mom got him at the store with a big sucker on the back. Talk about a slobbery mess! Of all years, William was actually in to going to the door when trick or treaters came and Grandma only had four kids come (she's used to around 20-30)! Oh well, he enjoyed trick or treating out of Grandma's candy bucket himself (o:

Here he is with his slobbery teeth!

Oct. 27th, 2011 36 weeks

Earlier this week at my 36 wk OB apt....

Me: Jeanne, could you check me. I've felt a lot of pressure and muscle twinges lately and am curious if I'm dilated at all."

Dr.: "Sure. Couldn't hurt to know....(As she's checking me) Oh my goodness, there's his head! Yeah Melissa, you're a for sure 2cm dilated already!"

Me: "My goodness. I figured I had felt some things changing these past couple days, but I had no idea I'd actually be dilated already!"

Dr.: "Lay low Melissa and we'll see if we can keep him in for another week or so."

So, 2cm dilated and 50% effaced...Wasn't sure what to think of that as I left the appointment, but it sure put a little jump in my step (don't worry, not literal jumping) as far as preparing for our little guy to arrive sooner than later. Never did I think that he might be born in October vs. November! These last couple days have been spent laying low. Hospital bag is now packed and…

Oct. 21st, 2011 The bee won this battle

Yesterday was a day Grandpa Greg (Grandpa beekeeper) would've been proud of his little Mr. William...He battled it out with a bee and the bee won. Not that we're excited about bees stinging our little boy, but despite a frantic first cry, he took it like a champ! We rubbed an ice cube on his cheek and he went from droplets of water running down his cheek to licking the cube and then eventually crunching it up and eating it before asking for another one. Well, we can say it served as a distraction if anything right?

Now, trying to get a picture of it...This first one was a typical shot of me trying to get a picture of William-hand in front of his face.

And then Mom won-I finally got a face shot (with a little bribing). I thought for sure his eye was going to be swollen shut when he woke up this morning. Kinda hard to tell, but his whole cheek and eye lid are pretty puffy!

Oct. 20th, 2011 The art of canning

I enjoy the process of taking what we've grown in the garden and filling my canning cupboard. This year it's become so full, I've had to venture out into my freezer space and start storing some of my applesauce there! Not only did William get to help plant the garden this year, he also became quite the Master at helping preserve it!

Here he is helping me with the apple press (recognize this lovely piece of machinery Mom?)...

And the apple peeler/slicer- he LOVES this one!

And I think he would deem this one the most fun of all the duties, testing the jam!

And we've still got a bucket of apples sitting in the kitchen to use...Here comes more apple pie filling and sauce! Gotta get it all in before "baby brudder" decides to come!

Oct. 15th, 2011 34 weeks and going strong!

Jeanne ("baby doctor" as William calls her-even though she sees our entire family) assures us that we can almost guarantee to expect our 2nd bundle of joy to arrive earlier than Thanksgiving day (my due date). I keep telling people that ask when I'm due, that once Nov. 1st rolls around, I'll just shift my brain into thinking he could be here at anytime (I delivered William 2 wks early). I know- watch, I'll be late this time! It sure is crazy to think that his birthday could be right around the corner...We are very excited to meet our second little Gant boy.

Here, William is trying to "Cover baby brudder up with blankie"...Looks like he's the one being covered!

Never did get another pic where William would show his face. Here he is hiding behind me so perfectly that you barely see the blanket he's holding.

My sweet friend Charissa. Our first sons are almost a year apart (her son Linus turns 2 in January) and then she beat me to getting pregna…

Oct. 7th, 2011 Baby Talk

W: "Mama, I want to see baby move!"
(something he has asked often since the first time I let him watch my belly roll while his little brother was kicking)

M: Well, let me lay down and you can sit next to Mama and watch him.
(William crawls up on the couch next to me and situates himself for the show).

W: I need poke him Mama? Is he movin'?
(as he puts his cheek to my belly to see if he can hear him too)

M: Sometimes you just have to wait. He'll move when he wants to.

*Suddenly the belly rolls and the expression on William's face is priceless...

W: Mama!! I see head! ...I dig hole so baby can come out?
(as he precedes to scoop his hands into my belly like he's scooping out a hole)

M: No silly, baby brother isn't done growing yet. God will let him come out when he's done growing.

W: Baby "brudder" cry when he comes out?
(how he knows this, I'm not sure)

M: Yeah, baby brother will cry.

W: Baby "brudder" sad Mama?

M: Yeah, he wil…

Oct. 1st, 2011 Our first mailbox

For those who aren't aware, we no longer have our PO box. Since we've moved to the Gant Ranch, we have had to travel in to town to pick up our mail. We decided it was time to get rid of it (since we no longer have rental properties) and plant a mailbox out front. William had the privilege of getting our mail for the first time...

I LOVE this one. "Look Daddy, I got keys!"

Mr. shy man not wanting to touch the mail...Like it's gonna bite him or something.

P.S. If you haven't yet received our updated mailing address, contact me @