Oct. 7th, 2011 Baby Talk

W: "Mama, I want to see baby move!"
(something he has asked often since the first time I let him watch my belly roll while his little brother was kicking)

M: Well, let me lay down and you can sit next to Mama and watch him.
(William crawls up on the couch next to me and situates himself for the show).

W: I need poke him Mama? Is he movin'?
(as he puts his cheek to my belly to see if he can hear him too)

M: Sometimes you just have to wait. He'll move when he wants to.

*Suddenly the belly rolls and the expression on William's face is priceless...

W: Mama!! I see head! ...I dig hole so baby can come out?
(as he precedes to scoop his hands into my belly like he's scooping out a hole)

M: No silly, baby brother isn't done growing yet. God will let him come out when he's done growing.

W: Baby "brudder" cry when he comes out?
(how he knows this, I'm not sure)

M: Yeah, baby brother will cry.

W: Baby "brudder" sad Mama?

M: Yeah, he will be sad when he first comes out, but then he'll be happy because he gets to see you!

W: Baby "brudder" happy Mama?! I sing him Happy Song Mama?!
(William has had a tradition before every nap time and bed time of singing him the "Happy Song"...Apparently he wants to share that with his baby brother)

M: Yep, we can sing him the "Happy Song"

William puts his lips to my tummy and smacks his baby "brudder" a big kiss (o: He then wraps his arms around him and says "I give baby "brudder" hug" ...

It's moments like this that make me all the more excited for William to meet his baby brother for the first time.


That is so sweet! He's going to be such a good big brother. It is so much fun having 2- they love each other so much!

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