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May 30th, 2010 Maurice's 20th!

We were the fortunate three (Curtis, William and I) that got to spend Mar's 20th bday weekend with him. Sorry Mar, it wasn't a big party (o: But I loved every minute of it. I'm just tickled at how much William adores his Uncle Maurice. It's fun to watch the two interact. Here are some fun pics of the weekend...

Maurice, helping us out with a few projects for some extra $...William, learning from his uncle while trying to help him out.

"Boys, let me check your work..."

We birthday cake to put the candle in so we decided the morning's cinnamon roll would work.

We took a trip to Silver Falls. We hiked some trails and then William had fun learning out to skip rocks...Okay well, maybe the rocks just "kirplunked", but he was having a blast!

First, you have to find a nice, small, smooth one William...

Maurice's graceful skip...William's perfect "kirplunk"!

Now, how does he do that? I can't get it to work!

May 27th, 2010 Growing like a seed

I'm heavy into gardening...Many afternoons spent outside, digging in the dirt, planting. I absolutely love it. There's something about the joy that I get when I push a tiny seed into the ground and later get to see it push through the soil and become a luscious fruit or vegetable.

I went out today to find the first of what will soon become my pumpkin patch. As a reached down to brush away some of the dirt from it's leaves, a tiny little seedling had poked through. God spoke to me at that moment. There are so many correlations to God's creation and what he speaks to our lives. I thought of my son. How he is just like that little seedling. The tiny green leaves don't reveal yet what the plant will become. Only the gardener knows what seed was planted. My little William has sprouted. He's pushed through the soil. And with the tender care a seedling needs, he will grow. And he'll grow and grow and grow until one day I will be able to see what God has pu…

May 16th, 2010 A visit from Ryan!

My cousin Ryan is stationed up in Oak Harbor, Washington while he finishes his service in the Navy. He was headed south for a friend's birthday and decided to head a little further south and visit us! I'm so glad you called Ryan. I can't remember the last time I had seen him and it was his first time meeting William. Maurice was able to get together with us and we even caught Tauna on Skype in Japan so we could all visit at the same time. What a great family I have. Truly blessed.

We hung out in the park after church before Ry had to head back home...

William, just leaned back into Ry as they swung. If only I could insert a button you could push that would play his giggle (o:

May 14th, 2010 Silver Falls

We decided to escape the hottest part of the day, drop our work outside, and take a random trip up to Silver Falls. I can't remember the last time I'd been there. Curtis suggested it and I'm sure glad he did. It was nice to get away, enjoy the sun, walk the trails, put our feet in the water...some good family time. We've decided, living so close, that we've definitely got to go more often. William had fun walking the trails and absolutely loved the water (even though it was frigidly cold!). He tromped right in, clothes and all, right after his Daddy. Pretty stinkin' cute!

On our way down the trail

He would splash and kick the water while laughing! Having way too much fun!

Hence, the stripping of the clothes and diaper before heading home...

May 13, 2010 Learnin' to garden

Even if William doesn't grow up to share my love for gardening, he's already fallen in love with the dirt. As many of you have seen, I plant a pretty large section of vegetables each year and thoroughly enjoy doing it (must have been growing up on the farm and helping my mom garden all those years...). It's been pretty hillarious seeing William watch me use the garden tools and then trying to mimick my actions. We'll see if he gets sick of it...Mom's got a lot more digging to do!

"Is this how you do it Mom?"

"Uhhh...I can't read numbers yet."
(all tangled up in the measuring tape and soaker hose)

My little helper!
(He enjoyed kicking the dirt in the little mounds I made for the pumpkins...I think it's gonna take a little longer to plant this year!)

Time to water! Watch out William!!!

"Oh yeah Mom...Just watch out!"

May 9th, 2010 Mother's Day

What a sweet day. Got to hang with two of my favorite people, my son and my brother (hubby was gone to work). Thanks Maurice for letting me steal your day. I wouldn't have had it any other way...Church in the morning, a picnic lunch at the park (with some absolutely gorgeous sunshine I might add!), ice cream, a lesson on changing bike tires (included a few hours of effortless attempts, but I think we're pros now!), and I even made it home to plant a row of pumpkins before the rain hit...

Here's my favorite picture of the day.

*I got two beautiful hanging baskets from Curtis yesterday, and William went all out and got his mom a digital picture frame! (o: (Thanks for thinking of me sweetie)

May 6th, 2010 "Are you done yet?"

It may be a bit early, but I've decided to introduce the potty..."Am I really ready for this?" I ask myself. After hearing advice from a dear friend, I decided to at least introduce it now, even if I'm not hard core about it yet. So, just yesterday, when it seemed as though William was going to do a job in his pants, I promptly pulled off his diaper and sat him on the pot. I wish you all could have been there. Hil-lar-ious!!! If I would have been thinking I would have taken a video of it. I was having way too much fun laughing with him, all I caught were these few pictures. But, they tell the story quite well...

"Uh Mom...what am I doing here?"

"I think I should take my pants off...Yeah, shouldn't I take my pants off Mom?"

"Fine then, I'll try it myself."

Stand up, sit down, stand up, sit down...He did this I don't know how many times.

At this point, he's laughing uncontrollably. Who knew that going potty could be so f…