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Blueberry Season!

Today marks the beginning of our Blueberry Season this year!
If you'll take note of the date, it's SUPER early this year.  Thanks to all the warm weather we've had lately, we're eating off our bushes almost a month earlier than normal.  It caught me by surprise.  The boys were wandering outside chomping on something and I realized it was blueberries!  And they were actually blue! (They've been known to, out of pure angst for the season, take off a few blueish/purple berries and just eat past the slight bitterness)

I set out to test the berry's sugar content to make sure we could actually start the picking season and the boys could hardly keep their hands off the bushes.  So, I put them to work...

Bring on the pickers!  Any guesses on how many pounds we'll take away this year?!