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May 20th, 2011 This year's Garden

I remember planting the garden last year with William-pretty cute. This year-pretty hilarious! Of course, his attention span isn't very long, but he got it down pretty quick what's required to plant a seed (probably because he's seen his mom plant quite a few in his lifetime!). I'll let the pictures (and video) tell the story...

I would hand him a seed and point to where he needed to put it.

Then he would plop it in it's spot and push it down with his finger (I didn't even have to tell him. I guess he's seen me do it quite a few times!)

Then...he gets bored with that task and tries to eat the seeds I give him.

Or, sprinkle the whole package in...(it gets done faster that way, right?!)

Again, it's quite hilarious planting with a 2 year old (o: It takes quite a bit longer than if I was to just do it myself, but I wouldn't have it any other way. I'm glad I have this blog to jot this down...I don't ever want to forget these times. I'm very th…

May 13th, 2011 Visiting Daddy at the Fire Station

It's been awhile since we took William to see his Daddy at work. We were headed into Portland to visit William's Great Grandma who was up from California for a visit. I thought, since we were already in Portland, that we'd all go to the station and check it out. Little did I know, we were going to get a boat ride on the 80 ton "1927 David Campbell"...while Daddy was pilot! What a treat! Here's what I captured of the visit:

Hands in pockets, hangin' with Great Grandma (o:

Maybe a future harbor pilot in the making?...

"Move over Dad, I think I can do it now!"

Cousin Audre, Grandma, Mamma & William. It was such a great day for a boat ride!

"Dadda, I like this boat!"

Hangin' out in the fire engine

William wasn't too sure about Dad putting on all his gear...

I finally got him to stand on Daddy's lap. He was diggin' the flashlight.

May 12th, 2011 1st Trimester down...12 weeks

Now when I ask William if he wants to take a picture with the baby, he knows exactly what to do. He climbs into position so that he can wrap his arms around my belly and then gives a great big smile (o:

We had to take a preggo pic while she was in town from Oklahoma...
Matina @ 31 weeks (with her first), Melissa @ 12 weeks (this is what happens when your body knows what being pregnant is all about-you pop right out there!).