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Our Summer Blues

Warning.  Long post due to many pictures.  I decided to chronicle our pickers this year in pictures.  Why?  After many months of thought and prayer, we decided awhile back that this Summer (Lord willing) would be our last Summer here at the Gant Ranch.  Not that we're rid of this place and joyful about leaving, but we have felt that God has been calling us to plant our feet elsewhere (more on that in a later post).  With a potential move in mind, this season was setting up to be an extra special one; one I wanted to remember by pictures.  So, here's our Blue Chronicled Summer... Michael and his brother Brandon (and their mom who isn't pictured) were our first pickers of the season (and therefore earned a couple free pounds of berries).  Michael and William shared their 1st grade classroom this past school year and grew as friends.  Michael has battled Leukemia since he was in Kindergarten and this past year marked some of his last chemo treatments.  We got to watch his

Note between brothers

I love finding these little notes between brothers.  Although it's just William who can write them at this point, I'm sure Calvin will follow suit as soon as he learns to write.  It makes my heart smile. A note to Calvin before William and Dad left for Sons of Thunder camp at Tadmor for the weekend. Tradition when the boys go to Grandma's for a special visit (and especially fun when he gets all the attention while brother is away)...They head down to Hi School Pharmacy for a gumboil. It's the simple things.