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For the love of pomegranate

Over the last year or so, William discovered pomegranates.  He loves them.  He also loves the work of dissecting and picking out the seeds.  He's definitely more patient than some!

That's a Wrap!

This little guy loves soccer.  It's been fun to watch his skill grow from last Fall till this one.  He's a fast little runner and is starting to catch onto the rules of the game (as much as a 6yr old can understand).  It's neat watching him have so much fun while playing. 

Calvin gets Student of the Month

There's just something about your kid being honored as student of the month that makes you feel so proud inside.  Especially when it has to do with the Fruits of the Spirit!  The boy's school focuses on a different fruit of the spirit each month and this month Calvin was honored for his example of Love. Mrs. Silbernagel spoke about how Calvin always pays attention to other students when they are hurt or upset while in PE.  Keep it up Calvin!  

Lost Lake!

We always really look forward to our trip to Lost Lake with the Brown Family.  If memory serves me correctly, this year was our 10th year camping here.  Such great memories over the years and of course, it changes each Summer as the boys grow older.  We had a few firsts this year...
This was the first year without any of the Brown kids! Still fun, just definitely different now that they only have Lauren at home.

We also thought we'd try the dogs in the kayaks this year.  Rags is getting older and can't endure a walk around the lake.  Why not try a float!  It went surprisingly better than we thought it would!

 This was the first year the boys decided on their own to go into the lake at our favorite swimming spot without life jackets on.  Their becoming slightly more confident in their swimming abilities.

There were some special moments the boys had with Sean and Cheri all to themselves.

Although we've loved Lost Lake, we're thinking we might venture out and try a new c…

Beckett Point

We had the opportunity to be with Grandma Kim during her siblings week at Beckett Point in WA.  What a fun time we had.  I had only been to Darren and Lisa's house at Beckett Point once before and what an incredible place with an even more incredible view.  Not only was the stay amazing, the time with family was even better.  It's only once in a blue moon that almost all of my mom's siblings are able to be together at one time.  It was truly a treat.  Here are some of the pics (there were a billion).

Calvin's Kindergarten Graduation!

Slow. Down. Time.
The Kindergarten milestone is upon us.
Calvin was soooo fortunate to have Mrs. Vey and Mrs. Starkey as his teachers.  They're incredible.  Not only do they have a passion for teaching, they have a passion for the Lord and it shows what they teach as well as how they interact with the kids.
Next school year, we're moving onto the big grades!

A visit from Tata and Avi

Oh how visits like these make me long to be closer to my family.  It wasn't that long ago that our boys were babies and yet it feels like a million years ago in some ways.  In the blink of an eye.  I know it's going to go by even more quickly with nieces and nephews I only get to see infrequently!

So, it's visits like this one that I cherish.  I am thankful for the sacrifice of travel so that we can spend time together. Oh how full my heart is just looking back through the moments captured in pictures...

Baby Chicks!

The long awaited baby chicks!  The boys have been asking for new chickens since we moved in.  So when the day arrived, they were a bit excited to say the least.  We decided on five and each of the boys got to pick out one they would call their own.  We ended up with a Buff Brahma, White Leghorn, Golden Laced Wyandotte, Easter Egger Ameraucana and a Novogen.  I have to say...the little chick chirp is pretty darn cute.  Now to build a coop...

Broccoli chopping Ninja

Apparently is much more cool to chop broccoli in a ninja mask...

I'm just thankful he wants to help!  (And that he loves broccoli)

Calvin's story writing

Calvin has had fun "writing" stories these days.  He loves to draw pictures but hasn't quite mastered the writing part.  He doesn't let that stop him though.  He scribbles a pencil on every line of a piece of paper as if he's writing cursive and illustrates the page opposite his written story. While Grandma and Grandpa were visiting over Spring Break, they had the privilege of hearing one of his stories.  They're quite fascinating, as the plot slightly changes each time he retells it.  It's kept us all entertained and in suspense (o;

Precious Praise

The boy's school has started doing an assembly time on the last Thursday of the month.  They sing praise songs together, talk about the theme they've been learning about in their classes and just get a chance to all be together as a school.  Parents are welcome, so when I can I go in.

I was thankful to catch this sweet moment as I sat behind Calvin and watched his arms raise high in praise to our God.  It brought tears of joy to my eyes.  There is something so powerful in seeing a young heart express praise in this way, unhindered by what anyone else sees or thinks.  I pray his love and praise of God continues to grow and strengthen as the years go by.

For now, I'll revel in this moment.  Thank you Jesus.

For the love of Legos

Honestly, I thought he'd outgrow the stage of legos before now.  I underestimated his love of building.  This kid literally loves it.  Although most lego sets come with instructions, he enjoys building his own creations as well.  I enjoy watching his skill.  Who knows what his love of creating will turn into someday.

You've got talent William!


When a boys waits forever to try and catch an animal...
True picture of patience and perseverance.
(Either that or a good excuse to take a nap when you don't want to admit you're tired)

Coloring Calvin

If making a decoupage wallpaper out of your kids coloring papers was a thing, I think we would have been supplied enough from Calvin over the past year or so to do all rooms in our house...and then some.  This kid started putting pencils and color on paper a few years and I honestly thought he'd have grown out of it by now; or at least lost some of his interest.  Not the case.  I remember William being really into coloring for awhile but I feel like it didn't last as long as Calvin has.

It's been fun watching his pictures change and they even include letters and words now that he's started reading.  The hard part?  Trying to sneak some of them into the recycle bin after we've enjoyed them for a bit.  If he finds them he's devastated that we threw away his masterpieces!  And yet, we'd be floating in paper if we'd kept them all (o;

I still probably keep far too many.  My favorites are when he cuts his pictures out with scissors so they're tiny and t…