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More Williamisms

While talking to William about praying out loud at the dinner table (he has always refused to do so)...
"Mom, my head talks to God."
(He told me that he was explaining how he has conversations to God in his head and doesn't like to talk out loud to God in front of people).

William was fascinated after feeling my clavicle bone the other day. 
He asked what it was and I explained that it was a bone and that we all have them. 
He then proceeds to feel his clavicle.
"Look, I have bones too!"...And then, "God made them to keep me together."
(I hadn't even explained that part yet...He's so smart).

Speaking of smart, William is always impressing me with the things he knows and learns.
When I ask him, "William, how did you get so smart?"
W: "Because I love to!"
M: "You love to what?"
W: "I love to get smart!"

William loves working outside.  Wait, I should have said William LOVES to work outside.  That's be…

Watch out world! HERE I COME!

Guess who decided to start crawling...He's been on the verge for quite some time and finally tasted freedom (aka the ability to get somewhere without having mom pick him up and carry him there).  This kid's goin' places-literally.

Guess I'm gonna need to start sweepin' and moppin' a little more (o;

Grandpa Greg and Grandma Kim

Every time Grandpa Greg and Grandma Kim come, the visit never ends up being long enough (o;  It's only because they live so far away and the time between visits seems so long.  Nonetheless, I'm extremely grateful for every time I do see them and my boys are lavishly loved on by "Grandpa and Grandma in California" (as William calls them).

10 months...

Well Calvin, you sure are growing (o;  I can hardly believe that in two short months we will be celebrating the completion of your first year of life.  I say it all the time, but it's just plain crazy how quickly time passes. 

Your loves...

You still love food!  Pretty much any kind, but you are gettin kinda picky with your veggies...hmmm. Mom's got a garden-there's no way around it buckaroo (o;

You've definitely found your vocal chords.  Beyond "dada" and "mama", you can grunt and growl like someone twice your size!  Big brother tries to tackle you and you don't waste time letting him know you want him off-in your own special language.  On the other hand, you sure know how to giggle and laugh-especially when it comes to big brother playing with you (o;  Too cute.

You've been fascinated with wheels and other things you can spin with your fingers...Finding your dexterity.

Speaking of playing with toys, you're quite destructive with them m…

My First Haircut...

Introducing: Mr. Shaggy

"Um, What are you thinking you're gonna do with that thing?"
Grandpa Greg, standing by while Curtis works away (and Calvin is distracted by a handful of graham crackers...and hair)
"AHHH!  Get me outta here!"