10 months...

Well Calvin, you sure are growing (o;  I can hardly believe that in two short months we will be celebrating the completion of your first year of life.  I say it all the time, but it's just plain crazy how quickly time passes. 

Your loves...

You still love food!  Pretty much any kind, but you are gettin kinda picky with your veggies...hmmm. Mom's got a garden-there's no way around it buckaroo (o;

You've definitely found your vocal chords.  Beyond "dada" and "mama", you can grunt and growl like someone twice your size!  Big brother tries to tackle you and you don't waste time letting him know you want him off-in your own special language.  On the other hand, you sure know how to giggle and laugh-especially when it comes to big brother playing with you (o;  Too cute.

You've been fascinated with wheels and other things you can spin with your fingers...Finding your dexterity.

Speaking of playing with toys, you're quite destructive with them most of the time!  You don't just play, you throw, bang and bite them! 
Just like this bat-bangin' it on the floor (o; 

"Mom!  I've gotta learn how to defend myself from Big Brother somehow!"

You love it when I take you in my arms, turn up the music loud and dance around the kitchen,  Your fine, wispy hairs fly around while a huge smile spreads across your face.  We dip and twirl and dance-you can hardly get enough.

 You would REALLY love it if you could just pick up all fours and motor around-I know you would.  For some reason, the coordination of your hands and legs hasn't happened yet.  You're so close to crawling!  Soon and very soon...

Still loves doing "scrunchy" nose (o;

Hah!  Look at all these toys I got out! 


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