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He is Risen!

Our Easter was a bit different this year.  Curtis had to work and Marsha was out of town on vacation, which meant it was just me and the boys for the day!  When I thought about it, I concluded that this might have been the first Easter not spent with extended family...Made me realize how thankful I am for them!  And despite it being different, the day was actually a ton of fun-just me and my boys! 

We had a little Easter fun while Dad was with us on Saturday and hit up the egg hunt in Canby with the Thorne family-Always a good time spent with them...

I should have known before I sent both boys down for their naps this afternoon....William glanced over at the bathroom spray while he was pottying and asked what it was for.  I told him and then followed it with, "But we don't need any right now because it doesn't stink in here." 

After both boys were silent, I went outside to check on my garden starts in the greenhouse.  Shortly after, I came back in and noticed that it smelled "nice".  At first I thought of the daphne I had picked from the yard and set in the house. wasn't quite a daphne smell.  I hadn't yet put two and two together at this point. 

When Calvin woke up, I opened the door to the boys room and was blown away by the scent that wafted out.  I'm surprised both boys are still alive after breathing that in for a lengthy period of time! After William woke up, I asked him why it smelled so much in his room and he happily explained that his wood smelled bad (on his bunk bed) s…

Deja Vu!

As I snapped this pic, my mind flashed back to a similar scene...
 Different buns, different seat...same cuteness!

Joy is...

Just as long as he doesn't get any ideas and start climbing high buildings to test their flying capability...(o; 
(A huge thank you to a friend of Curtis' at work who's boys outgrew these wings!  Now they have many more hours of fun fly time ahead...)
Thank you Great Uncle Ernie and Aunt Gingy for taking the time to make us a part of your travels up North!  We had a great time visiting with you...