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Sept. 17th, 2011 30 weeks (and 2 days) with #2!

Really? 30 weeks already?! WHERE DID THE TIME GO???!!! He'll be here before we know it! Well, we just keep pluggin' along. Every day his kicks get a little stronger and the belly gets a little bigger-two blessings (you have to count them as that right?!) that remind me he's alive, well and growing. A couple of friends have had their baby's in July and Sept. and it's definitely become more of a reality that I'm next now that they have their little ones (o: We are SO excited and just so very thankful that everything is going so well. It's simply amazing to me how a woman can continue on with life so normally as their body is used as a station of creation by God to form a new human being..."amazing" doesn't even capture it...We serve an incredible God!

Here's me and my goofy William, posing with little brother. I got him to take pictures with me by convincing him he could roll his tongue like mom was doing...Guess my boys have a prett…

Sept. 10th, 2011 The bed modification...and lovin' it!

One night while I was brushing William's teeth, Daddy quickly went into his bedroom and put his pop up tent on one end of his bed. You should have seen the surprised look on William's face when we told him to go get in bed and he got to crawl inside his tent to do so! Bus and Donna, this one's for you (o: Little did you know that the gift you gave him would turn into the exact spot he sleeps each night. He makes Mommy, baby brother and Daddy climb in each night to sing happy songs, read books, say prayers and kiss him goodnight. It gets a little stuffy in there, but the time is short and surely precious (o:

He was hamming it up in these pictures... something he rarely does.

Sept. 1st, 2011 28 weeks...Getting closer!

"oh, Mom! Piiicaaature!" He was missing it and ran in to be a part of the action.

William has been fascinated with the fact that my belly button sticks out now...My outie belly button did the same thing when I was pregnant with William, stuck out like a turkey timer long before the "bun in the oven" was ready!

When he's done with the picture, he's done...Here William is telling me so, while pulling my shirt down.

Here's to the 3rd trimester!

(I'm thinking I need to stick my belly in the sun a little...It's stark white compared to the rest of my body!)

Sept. 1st, 2011 Sleepin' in Style!

William has been sleeping in his brand new big boy bed for a couple weeks now. The funny thing is, he still calls for either me or dad when he wakes up in the morning (like he did when he was still in his crib) to get him out. We'll see how long that lasts! Although he's been sleeping in the bed for a little while, we just got his new comforter set today...Cars, Tractors and Airplanes! He's loving it, to say the least. Hard to believe that before we know it, the bunk bed will be up and there will be two little Gant boys jumping on the beds (o:

Just me and my Charlie horse...Last nap in the crib.

Helping Daddy put it together.

Book time before the first night in the new bed.

The first thing he did when I put his new comforter on the bed...crawled under and asked me to come get him (o:

I see you Mamma!

After getting all the giggles, jumps and energy out, we're finally ready for bed.