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Lost Lake!

We always really look forward to our trip to Lost Lake with the Brown Family.  If memory serves me correctly, this year was our 10th year camping here.  Such great memories over the years and of course, it changes each Summer as the boys grow older.  We had a few firsts this year...
This was the first year without any of the Brown kids! Still fun, just definitely different now that they only have Lauren at home.

We also thought we'd try the dogs in the kayaks this year.  Rags is getting older and can't endure a walk around the lake.  Why not try a float!  It went surprisingly better than we thought it would!

 This was the first year the boys decided on their own to go into the lake at our favorite swimming spot without life jackets on.  Their becoming slightly more confident in their swimming abilities.

There were some special moments the boys had with Sean and Cheri all to themselves.

Although we've loved Lost Lake, we're thinking we might venture out and try a new c…

Beckett Point

We had the opportunity to be with Grandma Kim during her siblings week at Beckett Point in WA.  What a fun time we had.  I had only been to Darren and Lisa's house at Beckett Point once before and what an incredible place with an even more incredible view.  Not only was the stay amazing, the time with family was even better.  It's only once in a blue moon that almost all of my mom's siblings are able to be together at one time.  It was truly a treat.  Here are some of the pics (there were a billion).