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Happy Birthday Jesus!

Truly, the holidays are incredibly more fun when you've got little ones to share them with.
They just get SO excited about the little things.
William always gets excited about our tree hunt...

And the decorating...You should have heard Calvin, with every ornament he pulled out of the box, "Mama!!!  LOOK!!!!"  (and why didn't I take a video of this?)

And the present opening...SO exciting!

Most of all, I pray that our boys, even at their tender ages, would begin to grasp the true meaning of Christmas-A celebration of the birth of our King, Christ Jesus.  Thank you Grandma Marsha for always reminding us of his story before we open our gifts on Christmas Day...And for putting candles on the Birthday cake so that we can blow them out in remembrance of His birth.

A Gingerbread house tradition...

After re creating the gingerbread house at Mom and Dad's house after Thanksgiving, I figured it was time to start the tradition at home...I made my own cut outs from Mom's original ones and she copied off her gingerbread recipe.  I was excited to try it at home!

We invited a few girls over to help us with the decorating...Like I mentioned befroe, my boys enjoyed the eating, and not necessarily the decorating. I thought it might be a more appreciated task to share with some girls (o;  (I have to give them some credit.  William lasted about 15 minutes before he was done. Calvin on the other didn't understand why we would put candy on the house when his mouth was a perfectly good spot for it!)

All in all, we had fun.  And I bet the boys will really enjoy the part where we hand them a hammer to demolish it after Christmas (o;

O' Christmas Tree

This one sums it up...My Christmas Tree decorating help this year....

As goofy as the two of them are sometimes, we still managed to get ornaments on the tree (without breaking one), lights around it (without falling into it) AND take a picture (o;  It picture just wouldn't seem right if they were sitting still with pristine smiles.  Oh how I'll miss these moments someday...

(Bus and Donna, recognize the bear sitting next to Calvin?!  He sits under out tree every year (o;  )