A Gingerbread house tradition...

After re creating the gingerbread house at Mom and Dad's house after Thanksgiving, I figured it was time to start the tradition at home...I made my own cut outs from Mom's original ones and she copied off her gingerbread recipe.  I was excited to try it at home!
Mom still has the original construction paper cut outs we used when I was little...Feels like yesterday.

Ready to assemble!
Couldn't love her more...

We had the Gregor girls over to help create and decorate...As you can see, they had fun!

We invited a few girls over to help us with the decorating...Like I mentioned befroe, my boys enjoyed the eating, and not necessarily the decorating. I thought it might be a more appreciated task to share with some girls (o;  (I have to give them some credit.  William lasted about 15 minutes before he was done. Calvin on the other didn't understand why we would put candy on the house when his mouth was a perfectly good spot for it!)
The decorating crew!

This little man licked his fingers like 1,000 times.
He figured out that if he pushed the pretzel in far enough, he'd hit frosting and he'd, well, have to lick it again!

The finished product!  (Minus Miss Josie, who was having a rough day)

You'll notice that we put a manger scene in the yard of our house (o;
William made it on one of his preschool days and I loved it so much I figured it was front yard worthy!

All in all, we had fun.  And I bet the boys will really enjoy the part where we hand them a hammer to demolish it after Christmas (o;


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