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Notes from William

For some reason, my attempts to straighten out these photos were thwarted.  Not sure why they wouldn't stay.  But, they were too good not to post.  I found them both in William's school folder.

A boy and his lawnmower

There's just some things in life that make you feel like such a big kid.  And this one does that for William.  He' grown into such a responsible little guy.  Can't quite reach the peddles very well, but he figures it out and does a great job!  I don't think you could trust many 8yr olds on a mower this large.

A new school year

New chapter here at the Gant house.  We've got both boys in school for the full day this school year.  It'll be such a different day for me, as well as Curtis when he's home from work.  I'm excited about how it will free me up to help in both classrooms as well as provide more opportunity to be involved in other's lives as well.  And I'm sure the time will fly by!