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Happy Anniversary!

Here he is...The man I've committed my heart and my life to for as long as I live.  The one I've partnered with in this journey we call parenting, as we strive to raise our boys to love the Lord and serve Him with all their hearts.   Thank you for choosing me to journey with you...  Happy 9th Anniversary Curtis!  I love YOU!  

Remembering Great Great Grandma...

I don't think there are many who can say they have not just one, but two of their Great Grandma's still living...I was one of those lucky ones until just a few days ago.  My Mom's Grandma, Evelyn Clement, turned 95 earlier this year and went home to be with the Lord (and Great Grandpa Ralph) on Dec. 2nd.  What a sweet and precious woman she was...One who loved Jesus with all her heart and I'm sure was welcomed with a great big bear hug when she walked through those pearly gates (o; I don't have many memories of her growing up, but the few that I do I will cherish.  When I was younger I have fond memories of heading up the mountain during apple harvest to make cider from their old wooden press.  I'm sure Mom's got some pictures of us girls helping crank, putting apples in the hopper and doing what we weren't supposed to-put our mouths at the end of the spout to catch the fresh juice before it hit the bottle (o;  Good times... I also remember wat

His first sign

Here it is.  The moment we've all been waiting for... We started signing to Calvin around the time he turned 6 months.  I didn't get really serious about it (with the baby signing videos) until around 9 months.  And just the other day, I saw proof that he' starting to get it.  Not that he's keying in on the ones that I'd like him to (like "more", "all done", "please")-well, maybe he is and they'll be next-but he's following suit to his big brother.  Just like William, his first sign is "dog" (two slaps on the thigh).  He even adds the sound "doh" to it (o;  I guess my boys love their dogs.  Here's my attempts at capturing it:

Happy First Birthday Calvin!

It starts days before...all the birthday prep that is. William was very in to helping me make Calvin's birthday sign (I had made one for William that I have taken out for each of his birthdays...Had to do the same for Mr. C). If it involves getting to use scissors, he's in! Spelling 'Birthday'... He's realizing as I take this picture that he has extra letters.. .But, none the less, he's pretty proud of his final product and wants me to glue it down (o;  And then...the final product on party day... And then came party time... Reading Grandpa Terry's train book with Shane and Kennedy Hangin' with Uncle Cory Time for PRESENTS!  Calvin had a little help from his brother and cousins (o; Thank you Grandpa Terry and Grandma 'Retta for my new gloves! Chugga, Chugga, Choo, Choo!  It's time to eat CAKE! He didn't even skip a beat...If it's on his tray and looks edible, he'll go for it!  Headed

Turning One...

It’s been an entire year since this: Taken 5 days before I popped! Turned into this: From womb to world... And here’s my sweet Calvin today: My fun loving, boisterous, stout, smiley, blue-eyed, and full of life Mr. C…I love you more than any words in this world could tell.

Out of the blue...

I was talking to William about how Thanksgiving was coming up and then next would be Christmas when we would fly on a plane to California.   He informed me that he LOVED Christmas.   When I asked him why, he simply said, “I dunno.   I just love it.”   A couple minutes later he starts explaining to me that we need to invite “those people we don’t remember”…    M: “Those people we don’t remember?   Where are we inviting them?” W: “To our Christmas!” M: “How are we supposed to invite them if we don’t know them?” W: “We just need to!   All those people we don’t know!” M: “So they can have Christmas with us?” W: “So they can be happy like us!” Not sure where these little thoughts of his come from, but he’s already bringing the real meaning of Christmas into perspective at the tender age of 3.    It’s all about shining the light of Christ to those in need of Him..All year, but especially at Christmas.

A Bee and his Beekeeper

I realized just recently that I had taken all of these pictures of the boys in their Halloween costume and never bothered to post any...So, even though I'm marking this post on Oct. 31st, it's a bit later than that (o; This year's costumes were for you Grandpa Greg. The bee costume was a Goodwill find that William wore on his first Halloween at 9 months old...  And even though Calvin is a bit bigger as well as older than William was when he wore it, we still managed to fit him into it (o; And what was big brother to be other than the little brother's beekeeper (o;  (Thank you Auntie Mel and Uncle Tom for the "bee hat")  I love this one...the expressions are priceless... "Hey, why don't you share your snacks with the little guy?"

A Bountiful Harvest

As many of you know, I enjoy gardening.   It’s changed a bit over the years…we lived in Portland with room for only a few tomato plants, we moved to the country where I inherited a 4000sqft piece of gardening freedom where I planted LOTS, I had William and planted a little less and then I had Calvin and let the weeds semi take over (o;   Needless to say, my love for the dirt and watching things grow hasn’t changed.   It’s been fun to see William’s hands in the dirt while we plant, as well as his excitement as he sees a tiny green leaf poke through the soil.   Calvin, well he’s learning to love dirt too…the taste that is.   I’m sure, as he grows, that he’ll learn to love an aspect of it too (even if it’s simply a dirt clod fight with his brother…I can see it already). And this is how the cupboards (and the freezer, and the dehydrator…) are filled… Preparing the soil    Mounding up the rows… Strawberry picking with friends (William 3 ½y, Peter 2 ½y, Calvin 7