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May 21st, 2009 Green and Yellow...?! 3 1/2 months and counting!

Okay, so William's not yet rooting for the Oregon Ducks...but he is sporting his Grandpa's favorite tractor. Dad, this one's for you! Curtis bought a John Deere lawn mower and couldn't resist a hat for himself with a matching one for William. He took these pictures (I've got Curtis' hat on). I, as well as many others, think the hat is pretty cute on William. It makes him look like such a little boy. Funny thing is, William's bald spot from rubbing his head against blankets while he lies down, fits perfectly in the hole at the back of the hat. No, I didn't take a picture of it...poor guy! Grandpa Terry (Curtis' dad) was at our place last weekend and got to spend some time with William too.

May 10th, 2009 My first Mother's Day 3 months and counting...

Who would have thought that last year at this time I was pregnant with William...I didn't know until almost the end of June. I am so glad to be a mother. William brings a lot of joy to Curtis and I's lives. William's smiling a lot more now. I'll sit with him and tickle his chest and he gets a big grin with his mouth wide open like he wants to laugh. It's too cute. He's also responding more to things I hold up in front of him. I'll make noise with rattles and he get's really still like he's concentrating. It's been a lot of fun to watch him change.

Curtis scheduled me a Mother's Day massage this coming Wednesday...What a blessed mom I am. And an incredibly lucky wife!

May 8th, Mom's first day back at work...

I have to say, leaving William to go to work for the first time since he was born was one of the hardest things I've had to do in awhile. There's these strings inside a mom that just pull (hard!) when you leave them. I am so very thankful that I will only have to work 2 nights a month (just enough to keep my license).
Once I got to work, I realized how much fun I have when I'm there. My unit actually sent me down to the Family Birth Center to work for the night! The last time I was there, I was a patient delivering William (o: It was neat to be back with the perspective of a laboring woman...and to hold all those TINY babies (was mine really that small?!). Had a lot of fun, was totally exhausted when the night was through, and was very happy to see my baby's face when I was done.
*Curtis actually brought William in for a midnight (that's when the night starts to calm down at work)! William got to say hi to everyone. Of course the other nurses lov…
Okay, so I can't quite figure out why the pictures always turn out upside down or side-ways...I also can't figure out how to put captions underneat the pictures. Not too smart when it comes to computers...any help?

May 6th, 2009 Did he reach for it?

William weighs 12lb 11.2oz this week (that's with an emtpy tummy (o: ). He's as cute as ever and enjoys to share his smile more often now with those around him. Two days ago he was swinging in his swing and for the first time reached for the little monkey that hangs in front of him. It was so neat to watch him reach out and get it! We tried to catch it on camera and yesterday I even tried videoing luck. He'll be grabbing anything in sight to put in his mouth sooner than I know it. The other day at the grocery store while William was hanging out in the front pack while I shopped, a guy told me "Better watch out! That little guy will start grabbing things and putting them in your cart. You won't know it until you get up to pay for something you never remembered picking up (o: "

On Monday we had a neat visit with a friend I grew up in at church in Amity. Sarah has a little guy named Jonathan who's as cute as ever. He reminded me of what li…

May 2nd, 2009 Auntie Tauna's Graduation...Almost 3 months old!

My mom and dad flew in to town last Thursday to spend the weekend here in Portland for my sister Tauna's college graduation. It was a very busy but very fun weekend. I am very proud of my sister. Even though she finished classes this past December, it was neat to see her walk, dressed in gown, to get her diploma. Congrats Tune on graduating!

Here are some pics taken throughout the weekend. We got a 5 generation picture with my great grandma, my grandpa Mike from Minnesota, my mom, me and William...kinda neat!