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A Monkey and his Cowboy

Long before the day actually arrived, William wore his monkey suit around the house-anticipation rising for when I'd let him wear it outside on Halloween. We don't make much of a big deal of the "holiday"...if that's what you want to call it. It's fun for the boys (at least for now...) to get dressed up and, of course, get a bucket of candy.
Here's our little cowboy...hamin' it up.

And our "George"...

Funny thing is, the minute we started our trek around Molalla to the local business' that hand out candy to the kids, William stuck his bucket to his side and held tight to my hand. I think he was a little intimidated by the mass amounts of people as well as the intensity of some of the decorations! Needless to say, Calvin was all about saying "trick or treat" and even a "thank you" when the candy hit his bucket. He was being big brother's candy spokesman (o; It just cracks me up how intensely opposite the b…

The joy of teaching...

What a privilege it has been to work side by side with Ericka, Serenity and Heidi; three other Mom's who desired to take part in their kid's schooling. I think what I appreciate the most, is the common love we share for Christ and the desire we have to incorporate that into what our kids are learning about life.  It's been 2 months since preschool's started and I've already grown to love each one of your kiddos!
...I feel as though it'll be like a blink of an eye before we're swapping senior pictures...

While my sister was here visiting, I had the privilege of having her help on one of my days to teach. It was fun having her participate in our learning (o; Her creativity came in handy when it came time to develop the lesson plan.

She also was able to snap a few picks while the kids and I were having fun...
Of course, we manage to squeeze a little fun into our education (o;
We took this past Monday off to enjoy the Wooden Shoe Pumpkin Fest...


The prayer of a child

Our little Calvin is grpwing by leaps and bounds. It seems as though he says a new word everyday.  And if asked to repeat something, anything, he'll do it. The most adorable lately has been at the dinner table praying for our food. Big brother starts him off and then Calvin repeats after William an entire prayer-word by word. He always lands the ending with a much enthused "Amen!" (quite obviously his favorite part...likely because it means he can now eat). I told William (who's never been fond of praying out loud and explains that he "prays in his heart") that his helping Calvin means that he's now praying out loud too (o;

Here's a video I took at the dinner table...

Auntie Mel!

Auntie Mel, you don't know how much it meant to us that you'd come and visit. Honestly, I have the best middle sis anyone could ask for. Mel, your sacrifice of time, money and (now I know!) not feeling well, meant the world to me. You hold a special place in both of our boys hearts. We can only wait until you too will experience what its like to be a Mommy (soon!).
Here's some of my absolute favorites...

Love you Auntie Mel!!!!!


Honestly, I don't think I could be any happier at this moment. My sister just opened a box of doughnuts that she hauled up all the way from Peterson's (the BEST doughnut shop EVER!).  Not only were they delicious, but they had a sweet little message written on them....

Can May come soon enough?!!!!!

Thank you Auntie Mel for coming up, despite how horribly you've been feeling, so that you could share your news in person!  It just wouldn't be the same if I couldn't wrap my arms around you in excitement.


Calvin can hardly get enough read to him in a day. This little boy LOVES books! We chuckled, because when mom and dad were here last month, as soon as Grandma would walk out the bedroom door in the morning, Calvin would greet her (book in hand) with, "Eeed book gamma." He's fond of all kinds...anything with a cover and pages inbetween. And as soon as you've finished one, he asks "nother one?" I hope his love for literature never dies.

No matter who it is, he'll bring you a book and ask you to "sit down" (as he's patting his little hand to the ground-or the cough-beside him).

Whether it be...

(And many more that I just don't have pictures of, like Daddy!)
...he's always up for a good book!  And for now, we'll just keep on reading.  And hope that this love continues on through the years (o;


I'm always taken aback at how the Lord blesses our little family. It's been made quite obvious over the years how much I enjoy getting my hands in the dirt, planting seeds and watching them grow into the vebetables that feed my family. I guess this year I realized how much I take it for granted. Conclusion was made that my soil is in need of some serious ammending. Tiny seedlings barely grew into mature plants, most without bearing anything beyond leaves. We watched, we waited, and only left with an armful of food...meniscule in comparison to years past and the basket loads we'd carry out). Not only did I realize how much I take my garden for granted, I also realized how thankful I am for our nearest neighbors-gardeners extroidinaire! Their skilled hands (and generosity!) resulted in boxes of fresh vegetables that I was able to take home and use. A huge THANK YOU to the Rabes! Here the boys are, after the realization that the garden had halted growth after only 2 i…


The other day William asked me (out of the blue), "Mom, what's Jesus' last name?"

Me: "Well...I think it's Christ." (Someone help me here. How would you asnwer that one?)

W: "Then what's his middle name?"

Me: "I don't think he has a middle name."

W: "Hmm...I don't think you're right Mom."

Me: "So you know what it is?"

W: "Yep. It's Wayne."

Me: "Jesus has your middle name?"

W: "Yep!" (with the biggest "I'm so proud of myself for figuring that one out" grin on his face)