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William's Self Portrait

William likes to draw during free time at school...

My garden help

The boys and I were getting the newly tilled ground ready for a garden...our first one here in Sublimity.  I'm not sure how was more excited, me or them.
While digging in the dirt, William says to me: "Mom, when I get married, my wife's gonna be a farm girl.  She's gonna have a big garden, just like you."
Melted this Mama's heart right into a puddle.

A Mother's Day!

How blessed I am to be their Mom.
I pray they'll always know how much their Dad and I truly love them...
And even more importantly, how much their Heavenly Father loves them.

Our dearest friends

There's just something about these two that oozes genuine love for our family.  In particularly, the boys.  Every birthday, every Christmas...they're always remembered with some special gift that shows them how much they're loved.  We don't see them often, but always cherish the times we do.

Builder William

And has for quite some time.
I can't recall when he got his first Lego set but the excitement hasn't diminished.
How many Legos does a kid need?!  Apparently there are never too many.  And even though most all sets come with prefab instructions, he works outside the lines and makes his own creations too.  That's what I enjoy seeing the most.  There's something about his love of creating that I think will play into his future.  We'll see where he goes with it!