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Happy 2nd Birthday Z!

Calvin and I had the privilege of a special little trip to CA, just the two of us (while William had school and Daddy and him got some special time together).
We welcomed Auntie Tata and Uncle Yudi as they moved to the United States as Sasaoka's and we got to celebrate Ziara's 2nd birthday with the family.  We attempted to surprise Tauna and Yudi but someone got a sneak peek at a text message that spilled the beans.  None the less, we had a great time.  Always fun to visit.

Student of the Month!

What a proud parent moment.
Actually brings tears to my eyes when I look at these pictures again.  Our struggle with William's shyness and his ability to adjust to new situations has been a tough one for us.  We understand that a lot of it has to do with his personality and we're wrestled so much with how best to handle each situation that presents itself as a challenge for William and his ability cope and engage in a new environment.  This moment was confirmation that he truly is growing in this area.

We were told that he would be receiving student of the month for April and when he would be receiving his award so that we knew when to be there to see it.  He had know idea ahead of time.  What we didn't know, was what the award was being given to him for.  When they announced his name for the "Most Improved" award, my heart was beaming.  You'll notice why in the description below.  Not only did we, but his teacher (Mrs. Cronrath) noticed how much William im…